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Ariel Clark
Ariel Clark is just one of the many journalism editors at Atlantic High School. She first joined the journalism team because she adored advisor Allison Berryhill’s personality and had a fond interest in writing. She is writing for the newspaper team because she enjoys the topic, but she is not so interested in the yearbook. Clark’s most favorite memory of journalism is when she interviewed her favorite American history teacher at AHS, Trace Petersen. The interview took a very long time (over three days). Clark said that she did not get all the details of the interview in the article, because Petersen was presenting a lot of information. Outside of journalism, she likes to read and write poetry. Clark said, “(She) will read about anything but biographies.” She said that poetry helps her “pent up” emotions. After high school, she hopes to expand on journalism, but only if time allows. Clark hopes that she will go to school somewhere between Iowa and New York.


Story by Andrew Engler

Ariel Clark, AHS Needle Editor

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