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Brynna Kern is ready to film with Iowa PBS. She was interviewed about her award-winning video about Zoey Moore and her new wheelchair. Kern said that she was proud that she won the award for “Zoey’s In The Driver’s Seat.”

Iowa PBS visits Atlantic High School

Iowa PBS came to Atlantic High School to film a segment about student achievement.
Elizabeth Anderson May 25, 2021

$50,000 of equipment: bright lights, two huge cameras, a backdrop, and a two-person crew is what Iowa Public Television brought to AHS to interview senior Brynna Kern about her award-winning video. Iowa...

Former AHS student Harison  Richter, who graduated in 2015, now tattoos professionally. He began working the front counter at Big Brain West in September of 2020 and has been an apprentice since November of 2020. Only in “the last month or so” has he been tattooing people.

Tattoo or Not Tattoo: That is the Question

Should high school students be able to get tattoos?
Eleanor McCalla, staff writer May 17, 2021

When it comes to expression, high schoolers find many ways to show their personalities through style. While some articles of clothing can be prohibited by the dress code at school or get damaged from the...

FCS teacher Rebecca Wallace's Tik Tok account has gained traction since she began her journey in quarantine.

Teacher Rocks the TikTok Scene

FCS teacher Rebecca Wallace has had over 376k views on her TikTok account.
Taliya James, Editor May 14, 2021

When quarantine started, teacher Rebecca Wallace came down with a severe case of boredom. After hearing many students talking about the app TikTok, she decided sharing her humor with the world might cure...

Senior Gwen Irlmeier has been pioneering her handmade card making business for the past year. Irlmeier customizes the cards to each customer's preference and in accordance with the occasion.

Letters From a Loved One

Senior Gwen Irlmeier has a handmade card business, each card made individually with watercolors and a calligraphy pen.
Camryn Church, Editor April 26, 2021

How often do you give someone a card? For Senior Gwen Irlmeier, giving out cards is a way to spread love among her friends and family members. Irlmeier wanted to start designing and creating custom cards...

Seniors Brendan Atkinson, Drey Newell, and Braden Smith smile on the pond. The boys have placed second in two tournaments.

A Big Catch

Students at AHS compete in club fishing tournaments.
Taliya James, Editor April 23, 2021

Iowa is known for its beautiful outdoors and lakes. The Southwest Iowa Fishing Team allows students to get out and truly experience the lakes firsthand. The nonprofit organization invites students, middle...

Every week new Gen-Z phrases are shouted across the halls at AHS.

A Guide to Gen-Z Slang

Gen-Z regularly popularizes new sets of different phrases.
McKenna Nelson and Alexis Reynolds April 22, 2021

Do you have a hard time figuring out Gen-Z phrases? Here’s a guide to some of the most commonly used slang among the generation. The results of an AhsNeedle Twitter poll show “Bet” as one of...

This podcast is full of, as the hosts like to say,

ConspiraTEA: A Podcast

Laney and Kylie dive into the conspiracy theories revolving AHS.
Laney Brosam and Kylie Pulido April 22, 2021

Listen as Journalism Production students Laney and Kylie dive into the conspiracy theories revolving AHS. ConspiraTEA is available only on Spotify. Follow the link to listen to it there.  

The AHSneedle staff smiles together at the beginning of the year. The staff worked hard this year to reach goals and improve the journalism program.

A Distignuished Site

The AHSneedle staff earned all six SNO Site Excellence Awards after a year of hard work.
Molly McFadden, Da'Jai Wesson, and Camryn Church April 21, 2021

The AHS Journalism program, AHSneedle.com, was notified that we have achieved the Distinguished Site Award by School Newspapers Online by earning all six of the Excellence Awards. Last year we earned four,...

COVID: A Year’s Difference

This video revisits students and staff who originally shared reactions to COVID a year ago.
April 16, 2021

Students at AHS express their style in many different ways. Some wonder whether the dress code restricts this.

Dress Code Disguises and Downfalls

Dress codes across the nations have always impacted schools, including AHS.
Elizabeth Anderson, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

Walking into AHS on a hot day in the midwest, one may see students wearing crop tops, short shirts, cutoffs, midriffs, and hats. This could be alarming to some, considering that the dress code at AHS prohibits...

Words considered slurs are often thrown around among high school students. Parents of children with learning challenges explain that such terms are

Words Hurt

Intentional or not, the "R-Word" and other derogatory terms can be harmful to those with actual intellectual abilities.
Edria Brummer, Staff Writer April 12, 2021

People say the word without thinking. They blurt it out when given an assignment they resent or disagree with a ref's call. It's a catch-all insult term, but it targets people with learning challenges. ...

Alyssa Dovenspike is one of the two high school guidance counselors. They provide multiple resources to students and attend meetings on a daily basis.

The History Behind Your AHS Counselors

The guidance counselors are two of the biggest support systems offered to AHS students.
Reese DeArment , Staff Writer April 2, 2021

Going to the counselors might be a monthly, weekly, or even daily occurrence depending on the student. It is a safe and healthy space to talk about things students need to get off their chests or anything...

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