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The student news site of Atlantic High School


The student news site of Atlantic High School


Brandon Baggett sits in his classroom reading aloud to the class.

Resignation and Retirement

Taliya James May 10, 2022

As the 2021-2022 school year comes closer to the end, students were made aware that five teachers have submitted their resignations, and one teacher put in her retirement. Many were left wondering the...

Paisley for show!

Elizabeth Herrick’s Rats

Rats! One of the most misunderstood animals in the animal kingdom. Many people fear rats and think they are filthy animals when they hear the name, but Atlantic High School art teacher Elizabeth Herrick...

2021-22 AHS Journalism - Photo by Designer Portraits

Year Two: A Distinguished Site

Elizabeth Anderson, Editor March 17, 2022

The journalism newspaper team celebrated Tuesday, March 15, after securing "Distinguished Site" status by School Newspapers Online. The AHSneedle journalists who meet second and fifth periods have been...

A firetruck arrived at AHS Tuesday morning in response to an alarm. There was no actual fire.

Fire Alarm Deemed Accidental

Kenzie Hoffman and Laney Brosam March 8, 2022

A fire alarm triggered the school-wide exodus of Atlantic High School Tuesday during first-period classes.  Principal Heather McKay said, “Equipment was being moved in the band room and the [fire alarm]...

Middle School Renovation Progresses

Middle School Renovation Progresses

Elizabeth Anderson and Katie Birge March 7, 2022

July 27th, 2021 the Atlantic Middle School caught on fire, and students couldn’t return for the 2021-22 school year. Since then, the middle school has been under renovation. According to superintendent...

AHS Celebrates Read Across America Day

AHS Celebrates Read Across America Day

Dakota Oswalt March 1, 2022

Read Across America Day, also known as READ, is a celebration that encourages students to fall in love with reading. It is held on March 2, which is the birthday of famous American author Dr. Suess, though...

Signs hang on the door while students stand in line to get lunch. All students will receive free lunch until Dec. 31 or funds run out.

Exploring the World of Diversity in School Lunch

Dante Hedrington February 25, 2022

School lunch is something many students dread. The repeating food menu of greasy, seemingly unappealing food is starting to become a concern for parents. Many of the school’s lunch menus are considered...

Band and choirs are directed by Jarrod ODonnell and Evan Adamon.

All Strings and Voices

Elizabeth Anderson February 24, 2022

The choir department has taken a break from show choir and they have been focusing on concert choir for three weeks. Also, the band department has been working on four songs for the winter concert. Band,...

CLAY TIME - Elizabeth Herrick demonstrates the potters wheel. Herrick joined the AHS faculty in January.

Art Returns to AHS

Elizabeth Anderson, Editor February 18, 2022

After a semester with no in-person art classes at AHS, Elizabeth Herrick has been hired to bring art back to the school.  "I would explain art as influential," Herrick said. She has always had a natural...

The Atlantic-Cam wrestling team celebrates their entry in the 2022 state duals! At

Trojans Plan to Celebrate Their Five Day Weekend

Dakota Oswalt February 14, 2022

Once a semester, AHS holds parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday nights and Thursdays, but this week is different. Due to the Atlantic/CAM wrestlers making it to State Duals, Superintendent Steve Barber...

Recycling bins pile up around the school.

The Concept of Recycling Becomes Trash

Dakota Oswalt February 9, 2022

A common misconception at Atlantic Community School District is that the recycling bins are emptied into the trash. High school custodian Rich Smith said the recycling bins are “most generally not”...

Senior Logan Eilts works in CPI. Eilts keeps his laptop in a case during the school day.

An Urgent Message From the Tech Department: Keep Your Laptop Charged!

Dakota Oswalt February 7, 2022

On Jan. 18, the student body received an email from ACSD Technology Coordinator Roger Warne, reminding students to plug in their laptops on weekends and breaks. He said 95 percent of students who have...

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