• ISU Honor Band is on Feb. 4 and 5 in Ames.
  • State show choir is on Monday, Jan. 31.
  • State jazz band is on Saturday!
  • Winter formal is on Feb. 26!
  • State speech is February 5, 2022!
  • There is a wrestling tournament on Saturday.
  • There is a wrestling meet on Thursday!
  • There is boys and girls basketball on Friday at St. Albert.
  • There is a girls basketball game on Tuesday against Shenandoah.
  • The Prom Closet in Coon Rapids has free prom dresses! See Bulletin!
  • Order your yearbook!
Jade Harter asks geometry teacher Lisa Sonntag for help with the homework. Harter is involved in basketball as well.

Balancing It All

Athletes' struggle with handling stress and balancing academics with their athletic responsibilities.
Abby Muller January 5, 2022

The life of a student is hard, but the life of an AHS athlete or participant in school activities is even harder. Students at AHS are juggling it all.  Some athletes don’t have an off-season. Four-season...

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAMWORK - Markes Mark and Nerensia Narios add ingredients to flavor the pudding. Students were assigned to groups of three or four at the beginning of the year. These groups have helped each other with most of the cooking projects.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

Foods 1 classes stir up a good time.
Mason McFadden December 16, 2021

Jade Harter asks geometry teacher Lisa Sonntag for help with the homework. Harter is involved in basketball as well.

2 + 2 = YOU –A Photo Gallery

Math classes count!
Alyssa Neal, Staff Writer December 14, 2021

Chemistry teacher James Todd encourages students to use specific language when making observations.

The Elemental Mr. Todd

Chemistry teacher James Todd brings intensity and intellect to his teaching.
Anna Cesaro, Staff Writer December 14, 2021

You’ll recognize him in the hall: he’s wearing a crewneck sweater and his school ID is strapped to his upper arm. He’s standing outside the science lab, drinking hot tea from a green thermos. You...

Side-conversations often get brought up in class, and Mr. McDermott is known for his stories during lessons. When his physics-defying “Honda-Davidson” moped is brought up, eighth graders may become confused or jealous. “My Honda-Davidson goes 19 miles-per-hour down 10th Street hill, and goes 21 up it.” 
Eighth grade is when students start to become of legal age to ride mopeds, so the stories of the “Honda-Davidson” are highly relevant.

Eighth Grade at AHS – Photo Gallery

Due to a fire at Atlantic Middle School in August, eighth-grade students have been housed in the high school.
Bennett Whetstone December 13, 2021

A fire at Atlantic Middle School in August displaced 350 students. The sixth- and seventh-graders are housed in the Cass County Educational Opportunity Center, but 125 eighth-graders have been snuggled...

The Roman Coliseum catches the attention of many at a previous Hawkeye-10 Art Show. Senior Isabellah Petersons stippling is one of her many award-winning pieces of artwork.

More Than a Class, Best of Show

Artwork, for Bella Peterson, is an escape.
Taliya James, Editor April 13, 2021

In the beginning, she was interested in the art of anime, and her middle school dream was to produce illustrations for Manga. She hoped that hard work would allow her to become big in that field. She was...

Seniors Devin Wood, Noah VandeVanter, and Zach Colton help build on the roof. The class is only open to juniors and seniors with the correct prerequisites and takes place over two class periods. It is held at the Achievement Center.

Building Skills in Building Trades

The Building Trades class built a shed first semester.
Taliya James, Editor January 19, 2021

AHSNeedle Senior Staff stand under the high schools sign. We feel the school hasnt included our class in enough conversations and decisions this year.

Senior Year Under the Cloud of COVID-19

AHSNeedle Senior Staff ask that seniors be included in decision making.
Staff Editorial December 11, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the hallways were filled with chatter about a new virus called COVID-19. Now, as we near the end of the year, this virus has become a part of our daily lives. It affects every...

The Class of 2019 adorn themselves in black and gold as they take to the stage for their graduation ceremony. The flowers consisted of perennials.

Classy Choices for the Class of 2021

Seniors get to decide on how they want their graduation to look in the form of class colors, a designated flower, song, and a motto to go by.
Ariel Clark, Editor December 3, 2020

Graduation, a time of heightened emotions and prominence. The senior class of that year officially takes off into the world to face whatever future they decide on. At the event, the flowers that adorn...

Tests come in all forms and styles. Each offers a unique twist to the standard method of assessment, which gives insight into the mind of the teacher providing the test.

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Tests are a foundation to the standard school system, but the style of test taken often depends on a teacher’s personal preference.
Ariel Clark, Editor November 30, 2020

Students in every grade have been subjected to “tests” in one form or another.  However, the type of test they take tends to depend on the teacher of the class.  No matter the subject, students are...

Students work together to pack the trailer. Some students have volunteered with Operation Christmas Child before, while many freshman helped for their first time this year.

Giving This Holiday Season

Students at the Link Center spent their day volunteering for Operation Christmas Child.
Molly McFadden, Editor November 24, 2020

“This year we haven’t been able to see much good going on. It will give them an opportunity to see that even in the hard stuff, we can still do good,” Link Center Educator Mary McBride said about...

Students finish up a quiz in Trisha Niceswanger’s second-period Spanish 1 class. The desks in Niceswanger’s classroom are standard for most of the school and require students to look down at what they’re doing. This can contribute to neck pain.

Sitting in Classrooms — OPINION

Sitting for hours each day is, unfortunately, the norm for students.
Eleanor McCalla, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

Seven hours a day, five days a week, 36 weeks a year. Most students spend more of their waking hours at school than anywhere else. Every weekday, students go from sitting in one class to sitting in another...

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