No Small Task: Small Engines Class

With the start of second semester, AHS introduced the Small Engines course.


Ariel Clark

Dexter Dodson, the instructor of the Small Engines course, helps senior Dylan Thomas with his work. This is Dodson’s first year at AHS.

Becca Folds and Eleanor Greving

Atlantic High School has a new course that students can take, focusing on the mechanics of engines. The class is taught by Dexter Dodson. This is a class for anyone willing to get their hands dirty and learn new skills. In the course, students learn how to completely tear apart a small engine and put it back together. 

Sophomore Gavin Miller said, “This class interests me because it is something I enjoy and can easily follow. I can get behind it.” Miller said he’s really looking forward to learning about the inner workings of a small engine. 

Small Engines is offered first period, and there are a dozen students enrolled in the class, ranging in grade level from sophomore to senior.

Dodson tries his hardest to make this course interesting and a fun learning experience for his students. The Small Engines class is currently learning about the four components of an engine, along with what a basic engine needs to work. Students have taken a liking to this class and are excited to see what new learning opportunities Dodson has in store.