• Girls track will compete at Glenwood on Thursday.
  • Boys and girls golf will play on April 12.
  • There is a home boys soccer game on Friday, April 16.
  • Boys track will run at Harlan and Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln this week.
  • Boys and girls tennis will compete on Monday and Tuesday against Shenandoah and Glenwood.
  • There will be a 1.5 hr early dismissal Wednesday, April 14.
  • Order your yearbook!
Ariel Clark

Ariel Clark, AHS Needle Editor

Fingers speedily race across a keyboard.  Words being put onto a document at a rate that allows comfort to the speaker while also providing insight as to what’s being said.  A simple “thank you” and “have a good day” closes out the process and the interview wraps itself up.  Ariel Clark is an editor for the school’s newspaper, ahsneedle.com, and has been apart of the Journalism department since Sophomore year.  While initially not planning on pursuing it, her advisor Allison Berryhill helped to advocate and push her into continuing along the written path.

Now Clark plans on double majoring in Journalism and Psychology at the University of Iowa.  With a strong opinion (and growing voice,) Clark is very passionate about equality.  Still, she doesn’t identify with any particular group or party.  One of the things she adores about Journalism is its neutral stance on the world.

Her hobbies primarily include blasting songs from musicals, wearing cardigans, watching youtube, and playing video games.  Her favourite gaming franchise is Fable (though the third game she found rather bland in comparison to its predecessors.)  Growing up, Clark spent most of her childhood playing the Gamecube and Super Nintendo with her brothers.  Due to this, she has an addiction with playing games of every genre (though she prefers RPGs/MMOs/Metroidvanias.)

Though she has an irrational fear of dogs (and an allergy to cats,) Clark adores huskies due to their docile nature.  While her family dog, Jasmyne, had passed a few months prior to the end of 2020, their family adopted a new puppy named Shiloh before the year ended.  She’s grateful for being able to have another puppy.  Her favourite thing to do is over-exaggerate and make friendly jokes/banter in order to make people smile.

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Political clashes aren’t uncommon, though often they impact more than just us. Due to our world-wide influence, the instability within our own country leads to a ripple-effect of issues elsewhere in the world.

A Divided Nation

March 11, 2021
Throughout the game, you can find yourself face-to-face with

A Bioshock-ing Review

January 29, 2021
Junior Katie Rothfusz dissects a cow eyeball with her group during 2nd period Anatomy. They were given a guide to help them through the procedure. The class had also dissected a sheep’s brain a few weeks prior.

Eye See A Dissection

December 14, 2020
Tests come in all forms and styles. Each offers a unique twist to the standard method of assessment, which gives insight into the mind of the teacher providing the test.

Testing, 1, 2, 3

November 30, 2020
With a number of electives along with core-classes to teach, Emma Bireline changes her testing style in order to best fit what the class is currently doing.

[PHOTO] English

November 30, 2020
Teaching Earth Science, primarily to freshmen freshman, Kathy Hobson offer the use of science notebooks on her assessments.

[PHOTO] Science

November 30, 2020
Terry Hinzmann teaches world history classes. His old-school style was slightly shaken up due to COVID-19’s online learning opportunities, yet he has been adapting to the foreign style of online exams.

[PHOTO] History

November 30, 2020
Michelle Behrends sits in the front of the room and watches over her students, making sure they stay on track with their courses.While she was usually found substitute teaching for various absent teachers, Behrends was offered the position to be a semester-long substitute until the school can find an ample replacement teacher. She took the offer in order to help out the school and to stay safe during the pandemic.

Behrends in the Lab

November 13, 2020
Students and community members gather together and shine their lights for Steele McLaren. The hashtag

Strong as Steele

October 28, 2020
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Ariel Clark