Winter Formal is Here

Headed by the Atlantic FFA chapter, Winter Formal is Saturday, Feb. 1.


Sarah Schorle

The crowd rages at last year's Winter Formal dance. Adriana Mendez was crowned queen at the event.

Ariel Clark, Editor

A layer of snow coats the ground, with a biting winter wind that freezes the brave to the bone. Ahead looms a large building that hosts hundreds of kids at any given day. Dressed in formal attire, students pile into the building. Scattered around the room are various teachers. From freshman to senior, AHS students can be found lingering near the tables, waiting for someone to break the ice as the music starts. With the sound of conversation and music echoing through the room, Winter Formal has begun.

Hosted by the Atlantic FFA chapter, Winter Formal is one of the many dances held throughout the year. Oftentimes there are 120 to 150 students participating in the event.

Earlier in the week, the Atlantic FFA chapter votes on several queen candidates. The winner will be crowned at the dance, at approximately 9:30 p.m. The candidates for queen include junior girls who are both FFA members and those who aren’t. This year, the queen candidates are Nellie Grooms, Alyssa Derby, Taylor McCreedy, Caroline Pellett, and Haley Rasmussen. Derby, one of the candidates, finds the opportunity to be “fun and neat.” Her favorite part about the dance is the chance to interact with everyone.

One of the dance’s main distinguishable features is its dress requirement. “Since it is a formal dance, it was decided that formal attire needed to be worn,” FFA adviser Eric Miller said. While students aren’t expected to treat the dance like prom, they should wear something more formal than what they wore for Homecoming. “Gentleman should wear dress pants, shirts and ties, while the ladies usually wear some type of dress,” Miller said. Jeans and polo shirts, however, aren’t considered formal attire.

Originally, the chapter hosted the FFA Harvest Ball. With the Harvest Ball, students were also able to participate in a Winter Ball as well. “Both dances were combined into the Winter Formal several years ago,” Miller said. His favorite part about the dance is “helping the FFA members.” Students are also allowed to bring out-of-town dates, as long as they fill out a form beforehand. With various kids coming to participate, students can expect this dance to be a cool one.