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AHSneedle is Atlantic High School’s online news source, providing you with the latest news concerning the school and community through sports stories, activity recaps, opinion pieces, and more. The program is student-driven, which means the junior and senior editors determine and edit the content published.

Our site includes staff profiles of all editors and features a live Twitter feed.  We strive to post at least three news stories a day. Readers can participate in weekly polls found on our site, as well as through our Twitter (@AHSneedle).

Our weekly news show, “Eye of the Needle,” is produced by students. “Eye of the Needle” is posted on our Youtube account (AHS Needle) every Friday.

Our staff works hard to keep up-to-date with social media trends. We post regularly on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok (@ahsneedle), and Facebook

The AHS Journalism staff is made up of 85 students, spanning grades 10-12.

Our vision for AHSneedle is to bring readers clear and concise reports on all aspects of the school in a timely manner. Content created and posted on our site is meant only to inform students, staff, and the surrounding community. While anyone can suggest what to cover, editors have the final say in what and how it is produced. All articles are reviewed by an editor before publication. Information found will always be cited as so. We encourage contact with our readers, however, all comments on our website will be subject to editor approval prior to publication.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Hana Holtz. Our current editor team consists of Ana Muell, Ariel Clark, Da’Jai Wesson, Molly McFadden, Camryn Church, Connor Church, Grace Clay, Aly Brockob, Dani Mathisen, and Kylie Neal.

Awards Received


Story Page Excellence Badge (SNO)

Excellence in Writing Badge (SNO)

Audience Engagement Badge (SNO)

Site of Excellence Badge (SNO)


Finalist, Iowa News Team of the Year (Iowa High School Press Association)


Iowa News Team of the Year  (Iowa High School Press Association)


All-Iowa News Team Finalist  (Iowa High School Press Association)

First Place Web Design (Iowa High School Press Association)


Third Place News Team of the Year  (Iowa High School Press Association)


Fourth Place News Team of the Year (Iowa High School Press Association)


Iowa ACLU Robert Mannheimer Youth Advocacy Award

Best of SNO


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