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Camryn Church

Camryn Church, AHS Needle Editor

Senior Camryn Church is an editor for “I really enjoyed having Berryhill as an English teacher, and she recommended joining journalism because I liked writing a lot,” Church said.

Church is involved in a number of different extra-curricular activities outside of journalism including choir, speech, musical, play, and tennis. She said that the choir is by far her favorite. Church said what she really loves about it is all the friends she has in it that she works very well with. In choir, she’s a soprano one, which is among the highest voices within the choir. 

Although the choir is her favorite, Church also has a love for musicals. “My favorite musical changes a lot, but I think one that I always will come back to is ‘Mamma Mia.’” Her favorite memory throughout high school was the time the power went out the afternoon before the Saturday performance of “Anything Goes.” “All of us were like ready with our phone lights to go out and put on a show,” said Church.

Church said that if she could identify herself with a TV show character it would be Carole Baskin. “It’s not for the reason you think,” said Church. “I don’t necessarily want to kill my husband, but I like the aesthetic of wearing leopard print and owning an animal sanctuary.” Church said, “I don’t know why I’ve convinced myself I’m Carole Baskin, but it’s a part of me now.”

After graduation, Church said she wants to attend UNI, but is not certain. She said she would like to study psychology for counseling, specifically wanting to work with children. “I think we can learn a lot from them,” said Church.

Story by Alexis Peterson

All content by Camryn Church
Junior Jaci Smith closely follows her music at the Late Winter Concert earlier this year. Smith has been in band and choir all throughout high school and plays the flute.

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Community members may get a free flu shot by calling Cass County Health Systems.

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January 21, 2019
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