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100-Word Rants: 2023

100-Word Rants: 2023

January 20, 2023

Everyone has an opinion. Can you express yours in exactly 100 words? Send your rant to [email protected] If we select it for publication, get your shades out!

The Holiday Season is not always cheerful, especially for people who have recently lost a loved one.

Holidays are Hard

Makayla Atkinson, Staff Writer December 24, 2022

With the holidays nearly upon us, there is a lot of cheer in the air. However, that cheer is sadness for some people. Yes, the holidays are exciting, but they are not always easy for people. Many kids...

An AHS sophomore shows her love of Colleen Hoover books.

It Ends with Us Reviews

Jayci Reed, Katie Hedegaard, and Elizabeth Anderson December 9, 2022

Colleen Hoover has been one of the most popular young adult authors. Most popular on "BookTok," her books have been trending. Her most famous book is, "It Ends with Us." In AHS, English teacher, Katie...

Senior Ally Peterson drew a editorial drawing about how high tuition college tuition is. Peterson talked about how students that want to continue education will have to pay an arm and a leg to afford it.

An Arm and A Leg

Ally Peterson, Editor December 7, 2022

No matter the income, college tuition and related expenses put freshly graduated students in years of debt as they try to find their footing in the world. Even with the assistance of FAFSA or scholarships,...

The Point host, Molly McFadden, sits down with senior Olivia Engler to discuss holiday favorites, Christmas in the Engler household, and best holiday traditions at AHS. Tune in to hear all about madrigal dinners, Mr. Petersons scary Christmas narrations, and the tea on Christmas trees.

The Point: Spongebob Squarepants the Musical ft. Reese DeArment, Grace Mitchell, and Micaiah Andersen

Dakota Oswalt and Alex Garcia November 15, 2022

Alex Garcia brings exclusive interviews from the lead cast members of Spongebob Squarepants the Musical. Also, Dakota Oswalt gives a personal review of her experience of watching the musical live. We hope...

Many students face  responsibilities while being in high school including sports, chores, homework, jobs, and spending time with family and friends. Having all of these responsibilities can limit the time you have for yourself.

Juggling Responsibilities is Stressful for Students

Ally Peterson October 31, 2022

At times, the life of a student is nothing more than a juggling act. Many students not only have school and all of their homework and assignments that come along with it, but they are also weighed down...

A lone box of Kleenex sits in a classroom.

The Issue of Classroom Kleenex – OPINION

Conner Silence October 26, 2022

Have you ever been wandering around the room looking for kleenex? Yeah me too. Did you know Atlantic High School does not provide classrooms with tissues? A week ago I found myself In Ms. Berryhill's room...

Freshmen Sawyer Tarrell accompanies seniors Weston Hoover, Merrick ODette, and Ty Ostrus at a debate meeting.

Why You Should Join Debate – OPINION

Nissa Molgaard October 20, 2022

I now open the floor for the discussion: Debate, should you join? If you are interested in arguing or persuading people, then debate may be the class or the club for you. If you are interested, Public...

This political cartoon depicts the irony of the new cell phone policy.

Phone Policy Promotes less than Positive Conditions for Pupils

Ally Peterson October 14, 2022

The new phone policy, though a somewhat needed procedure, is infantilizing in its delivery at times. It makes it seem as though we are small children who can't control themselves. As if we are so immature...

Peterons illustration of the dress code bias at AHS.

Dress Code Bias at AHS – OPINION

Ally Peterson, Editor October 6, 2022

School dress codes, though written somewhat fairly to a degree, are not enforced in a fair and equal manner. A boy and a girl could wear the same outfit to school and only one would get in trouble, get...

Caption: Katie, Nina, and Eleanor pose with their champion knight, Sir Daniel, after the joust to the death. Jousting was one of the big events at the renaissance festival.

Frolicking in the Renaissance Period – OPINION

Katie Birge, Editor September 12, 2022

A renaissance festival is an outdoor festival that tries to replicate the historical setting known as the renaissance period (Wikipedia). According to, “The Renaissance was a fervent period...

Should you have to love someone just because they are a part of your family?

Do We Have to Love our Families? — OPINION

Katreen Buliche, Staff Writer April 28, 2022

Picture yourself sharing breakfast alongside your perfect, content family. Sharing laughter and joy while the eggs are still crackling into shape on the stovetop. Orange juice and milk get passed over...

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