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The writer hugs her mother at a track meet, May 5, 2023. It was her mothers birthday.

The Next Chapter – OPINION

Makayla Atkinson, Editor February 9, 2024

No one really talks about how it feels to leave for college and all the hard goodbyes you have to make. All through high school, they prepare you for your future, push you to be involved, be a leader,...

Words of the Year

Words of the Year

Olivia Jensen January 17, 2024

Do you have rizz? Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year is rizz, which is derived from the word charisma, meaning a person's romantic appeal or charm. Many AHS students and staff love that this is the Word...

What Do You Bring to School?

What Do You Bring to School?

Ryley Kuhns and Nevaeh Fewson January 17, 2024

Everyone always brings something a little special to school, but have you ever wondered what they actually are? Freshman Kenzie Jensen explains what she has in her bag on a daily basis. The three main...

Kyra Rink, Alyssa Neal, and Neals family geared up for the football Pink Out game. Neals mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Small Word With Large Effects

Alyssa Neal, AHS Needle Senior Editor December 11, 2023

Cancer. A small word that carries a heavy weight. AHS students and families have been weighed down by the burden of cancer, and yet they have also been uplifted by positive support.  A few weeks ago...

Books are opportunities to see the world through others eyes.

Who Needs Libraries, Anyway?

J. Molina, Editor November 4, 2023

The library. A place of knowledge and gathering. Except, every time I walk into the libraries of our community, there isn’t much gathering. I see fewer people my age who are actually interested in reading....

Social media is a staple in many peoples lives, including teenagers. But theres more behind the posts made everyday.

Student-Led School Accounts

J. Molina, Editor October 28, 2023

The impact that social media has on our community should be no surprise. Our school uses different accounts for different clubs, like our very own AHS Needle. However, it’s a different matter when an...

Junior Isabelle Symonds poses with a football while wearing an I heart Taylor Swift shirt.

Fate or Fake?

Annabelle Meyer, Staff Writer October 24, 2023

Taylor Swift, a 12-time Grammy award-winning artist, is rumored to be dating Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. During the summer when Swift was on her Eras Tour, Kelce said...

A group of students join hands together in the center of a lunch table.

Is Kindness Cool?

J. Molina, Editor October 21, 2023

Picture this: it’s your first day of high school, whether you’re a returning student or a fresh face. A morning of syllabus reading opens the gates to lunchtime, where students scramble to claim their...

A load of homework can differ student-to-student, but the presence of stress looms for each.

The Hassle of Homework – OPINION

J. Molina, Editor October 11, 2023

Did that catch your eye? It’s probably because you agree. In high school, where students prepare for their future careers, completing homework has become a routine part of education. That’s different...

What Life-Guarding Means to Me

What Life-Guarding Means to Me

Jersey Phippen, Staff Writer May 25, 2023

Why can’t the town of Atlantic seem to get lifeguards hired? When walking the halls of AHS, you hear students upon students talking about their new summer jobs, so why isn’t life-guarding in their...

100-Word Rants: 2023

100-Word Rants: 2023

April 18, 2023

Everyone has an opinion. Can you express yours in exactly 100 words? Send your rant to [email protected]. If we select it for publication, get your shades out!

J. Molina explains how it feels to grow up biracial.

How It Feels: To Be Biracial and Latino

J. Molina, Staff Writer April 3, 2023

Best of both worlds. It’s a simple phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but nobody talks about what it means to be part of both worlds. It’s easier to think of those worlds as two patches of grass....

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