• Senior class night is Wednesday, May 12 at 7:30.
  • The track and field state qualifying meet is on Thursday
  • There will 1.5 hr early out this Wednesday, May 12.
  • The boys soccer team will compete on May 13 and 14.
  • There is a home girls soccer game on Friday.
  • Order your yearbook!
Political clashes aren’t uncommon, though often they impact more than just us. Due to our world-wide influence, the instability within our own country leads to a ripple-effect of issues elsewhere in the world.

A Divided Nation

Our nation is experiencing one of its worst divides since the Civil War.
Ariel Clark, Editor March 11, 2021

In today’s world it’s nearly impossible to transverse the sticky web of the Internet without running into raging political arguments. From heavy topics such as abortion or police brutality, to the...

The Irony of Transphobia - OPINION EDITORIAL CARTOON

The Irony of Transphobia – OPINION EDITORIAL CARTOON

Who's minding their own business, tending to their own happiness, and who is on the attack?
Ariel Clark March 4, 2021

While kids can definitely improve someone’s life, many people rush into a family-scenario without properly thinking it through first. This often leads to a lack of resources, time, or understanding in regards to their children.

Nuclear Family: Rose-Colored Falsity

Most of the older generation tend to try and force others into having children, yet fail to realize the amount of neglect or abuse that tends to run rampant in homes.
Ariel Clark, Editor February 23, 2021

The “American Dream.” A nuclear family stuffed into a suffocating box that consists of a happy middle-class mother, father, son, and daughter. Something that has been drilled into several generations...

With many games of many genres, the Switch offers something for everyone.

Switching it up with the Top 10 Games

The Nintendo Switch is a popular gift, though most people remain uncertain as to what they should play on it.
Ariel Clark, Editor February 16, 2021

The Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles currently being used. With constant updates, new games added every week, and the ease of using a variety of payment methods, it’s no surprise that...

Many people buy jewelry for their beloved on Valentine’s Day; a cost that quickly adds up. Meanwhile the social customs that wrap around Valentine’s Day can be detrimental in many aspects, especially for the poor or people of minority. Our media should showcase more interracial and LGBTQ+ members in their advertising and holiday shenanigans.

Eros’ Arrow of Capitalism — OPINION

While being in love is one of the most wonderful feelings, a holiday abusing the emotion for easy money and developing harsh social customs is pitiful at best.
Ariel Clark, Editor February 10, 2021

Contrary to what others may believe, I am not inherently biased against love or Valentine’s Day. In fact, I would consider myself to be a rather emotionally weak person. However, the capitalistic stigma...

Students often have their cell phones in class. I believe that it causes a disruption and is a sign of blatant disrespect that shouldn’t go unnoted.

Phoning It in On Cellphones — OPINION

Phones have become commonplace in our society, but what about our school system?
Ariel Clark, Editor February 2, 2021

As our society has developed over the generations, cell phones have become much more common as the years pass by. While this is often a positive thing, granting access to the internet or the ability to...

Throughout the game, you can find yourself face-to-face with

A Bioshock-ing Review

“Would you kindly?” - Andrew Ryan
Ariel Clark, Editor January 29, 2021

Submerged in the expansive void that is the ocean lies a futuristic town that goes by the name Rapture. Crashing through the skies, the game starts out with your character ending up surviving a plane crash...

Senior Camryn Church shows off the arm where she got her first COVID-19 vaccine. Church received the Pfizer vaccine on Jan. 17.

The COVID-19 Vaccine: How it Works and Why I Got It

COVID-19 vaccinations have begun to reach the public.
Camryn Church, Editor January 28, 2021

Over a month ago my boss, at the nursing home I work at, came to me and asked if I would like to be vaccinated for COVID-19. My answer was an obvious yes, at least from my point of view. I received my...

With 8 episodes averaging an hour length, the show “Bridgerton” can be streamed on Netflix.

Netflix Original “Bridgerton” — Review

The Netflix series “Bridgerton” was a smash hit with young adults and teens alike.
Camryn Church, Editor January 19, 2021

Fearful mothers hounding potential suitors, a duke that refused to marry, the perfect lady to be wed, a gossiping writer with a pseudonym. Bridgerton is a whirlwind series that transports you back to the...

Grades are often used to showcase a student’s dedication to a class. However, nowadays it seems to only showcase the fact that a student even went to school. What’s the point of a grading system if everyone can attain the best grade with minimal effort?

“A” Controversial Grade

Many students wring their mental state dry after failing to achieve straight A’s in all their classes, further promoting a toxic self-image and undermining their mental health.
Ariel Clark , Editor January 18, 2021

Reaching for the stars, students often strive to attain a good enough grade in each of their classes in order to be academically successful by society’s standards. But is this mindset toxic? Also, are...

Card games pile up around my house. Everyone has a favorite game to play, and these are just a few of mine.

The Top Ten Card Games

Read my opinions on which games bring the most fun and decide for yourself whether you agree.
Molly McFadden, Editor January 15, 2021

If you are anything like me and my friends, we always want to hang out, but we can never decide what to do. We will often decide to go outside or watch a movie, but some of my favorite times together are...

I tend to be an avid collector of unique hats (usually fedoras). While I could understand why this large and shining cowboy hat may be too excessive for a school setting, I don’t understand why something like a plain fedora would be criminal to wear. To me, hats are a great sign for personal identification.

Hats Off, Hats On — OPINION

Hats have been banned in schools for centuries, but why?
Ariel Clark, Editor January 7, 2021

From cowboy hats to fedoras to top hats, schools have enforced a ban on students wearing hats in school for what seem to be outdated reasons.  Once every few months the school hosts an event where students...

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