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Caption: Katie, Nina, and Eleanor pose with their champion knight, Sir Daniel, after the joust to the death. Jousting was one of the big events at the renaissance festival.

Frolicking in the Renaissance Period – OPINION

Katie Birge, Editor September 12, 2022

A renaissance festival is an outdoor festival that tries to replicate the historical setting known as the renaissance period (Wikipedia). According to, “The Renaissance was a fervent period...

Should you have to love someone just because they are a part of your family?

Do We Have to Love our Families? — OPINION

Katreen Buliche, Staff Writer April 28, 2022

Picture yourself sharing breakfast alongside your perfect, content family. Sharing laughter and joy while the eggs are still crackling into shape on the stovetop. Orange juice and milk get passed over...

Photo illustration: Staff around AHS remind students they support them through small gestures.

Addressing High School Homophobia

AHS Needle Editors April 20, 2022

Generation Z is littered with homophobia, transphobia, and queerphobia. After recent AHS events, it has come to our attention that the halls and classrooms are being riddled with negative comments directed...

Time is always passing even when the world feels like it is ending.

Time Stops for No One – OPINION

Helena Buliche April 11, 2022

With the constant repetitive schedule of waking up, going to school, and leaving at the ring of the bell, it’s hard to notice the fast pace of life when you’re so occupied with life and its troubles....

The newest Batman movie, featuring Robert Pattinson, was released on March 4, 2022.

The Batman Review

Mason McFadden April 7, 2022

Darkness. Shadows. Vengeance. Do these words mean anything to you? Do they remind you of someone? Maybe a billionaire orphan who fights crime. Yet another take on this popular character, but could this...

Internet Beauty Standards - OPINION

Internet Beauty Standards – OPINION

Maylynn Ferrell, Staff Writer March 28, 2022

“Wow, she’s really pretty. I wish I looked like her,” I say to myself daily as I scroll through social media. I see different people who are human, just like me, yet I still feel as if they are better...

The HBOMax series Euphoria just concluded its second season.

Unlike Any Show You Have Seen: A Review of “Euphoria”

Elizabeth Anderson and Josie Colton March 8, 2022

Over 19 million viewers tuned in to watch the first season of Euphoria, including dozens of AHS students. Blowing up on TikTok, the show brought lots of teen viewers to watch every Sunday night in 2019....

Rooms 408 and 410 are decorated with painted ceiling tiles. This tradition started in 2013.

Top 10 Ceiling Tiles

Taliya James March 3, 2022

The art of writing is a way to express creativity. The journalism room does not shy away from the creative flow. Decorated with beautifully painted tiles on the ceiling, each journalist has the opportunity...

Diversity show choir performs their show choir songs during the 2022 Swing Inn concert.

Show Choir: The Musical Sport – OPINION

Eleanor McCalla February 25, 2022

The glaring lights turn the stage into a colossal oven. Each move must be defined and exaggerated. Keep your balance on the slippery floor. Hairspray pervades your every pore. Your heart pounds with each...

Junior Katie Birge chose All the Bright Places by Jennifer NIven as her submission to the new AHS series: A GOOD BOOK.

Have you read a good book? Submit your essay to

To See the Bright Places – BOOK REVIEW

Katie Birge February 15, 2022

Warning: There are spoilers ahead! If we didn’t lose people, we would never know how important they really are to us. That is the message I hold from one of my favorite books: All the Bright Places...

Spring sunsets create beautiful scenery.

The Struggle of Spring – OPINION

Dakota Oswalt February 8, 2022

Spring is the worst season. Sure, it’s nice to hear birds chirping outside your window while the sweet smell of the previous night’s rainstorm hangs in the air. But other than those bright aspects,...

SWEET LOVE -Students in the Creative Writing A-O made Valentines with conversation hearts.

Can You Feel the Consumerism Tonight? – OPINION

Eleanor McCalla, Editor February 3, 2022

Mass-produced cards with little temporary tattoos or heart-shaped lollipops shoved carelessly inside by little fingers. Chalky conversation hearts with no flavor and meaningless words. A bouquet of roses...

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