A Bioshock-ing Review

“Would you kindly?” – Andrew Ryan


Steam Community

Throughout the game, you can find yourself face-to-face with “Big Daddies” which are aggressive if you hit them or threaten the little sister that they protect.

Ariel Clark, Editor

Submerged in the expansive void that is the ocean lies a futuristic town that goes by the name Rapture. Crashing through the skies, the game starts out with your character ending up surviving a plane crash out in the sea. Swimming to the only thing in sight, a lighthouse-like building, you begin your venture down into the murky and dystopian depths of what was once a great city. Your journey finds yourself developing strange powers through injections, fighting psychopaths with a thirst for blood, and avoiding metal behemoths that protect sickly-looking children which siphon lifeblood.

My first experience with this game was on the XBox 360 a few years back. While the game takes on a more first-person-shooter approach, it was extremely fun to mess around in and experiment with what one could do. Figuring out the story was also a treat to experience. Set in a dystopian world of what was once considered a utopian society, the morality of your choices was unique and flavorful to experience. The world is infested with people who lost all their humanity in both the mental and physical form. Do you sneak by to avoid killing anyone, or do you mow down as many crazy people as possible in order to reach the next task that “Atlas,” a guy who speaks to you through a walkie-talkie machine, directs you towards? How much do you really know about what’s going on?

I would highly recommend this game, as well as the sequel. Bioshock 2 allows you to play as a “Big Daddy Prototype,” which are the metal creatures that follow the “Little Sisters” and protect them to those who value shooter games with a solid storyline. However, it should be noted that this game does contain violence and language/phrases that may not be suited for everyone. There is a third game, Bioshock Infinite, which I believe takes place in a sky-setting, though I have not played the game myself in order to give it an accurate rating. The first two games are a real delight to play, though.