• ISU Honor Band is on Feb. 4 and 5 in Ames.
  • State show choir is on Monday, Jan. 31.
  • State jazz band is on Saturday!
  • Winter formal is on Feb. 26!
  • State speech is February 5, 2022!
  • There is a wrestling tournament on Saturday.
  • There is a wrestling meet on Thursday!
  • There is boys and girls basketball on Friday at St. Albert.
  • There is a girls basketball game on Tuesday against Shenandoah.
  • The Prom Closet in Coon Rapids has free prom dresses! See Bulletin!
  • Order your yearbook!
Students were sent a survey asking about their AO time.

It’s “A-O”-kay to Want More Academic Opportunities

Students weigh in on the possibilities of different AO’s.
Dakota Oswalt January 12, 2022

An AO, which stands for Academic Opportunity, is our school’s way of creating more ways to reach students' interests and needs. They are used to make-up homework or tests, gain a further understanding...

Jade Harter asks geometry teacher Lisa Sonntag for help with the homework. Harter is involved in basketball as well.

Balancing It All

Athletes' struggle with handling stress and balancing academics with their athletic responsibilities.
Abby Muller January 5, 2022

The life of a student is hard, but the life of an AHS athlete or participant in school activities is even harder. Students at AHS are juggling it all.  Some athletes don’t have an off-season. Four-season...

Memories of the Madrigal Dinner

Memories of the Madrigal Dinner

Photos tell the story of the annual musical celebration.
Helena Buliche, Staff Writer December 22, 2021


Drama students on the walking portion of the tour walk towards the Olive Deluce Fine Arts Building. At the Fine arts building students toured an art room along with a band practice room. AHS band student Nevaeh Duranco was amazed at the size of the band room, and said “when we got to see their band room and being amazed about how big it was compared to what we see every day.”

“Clue” on Cue

Drama students visit NWMS to watch a performance of the mystery comedy.
Mary McCurdy, Staff Writer December 21, 2021

Photo illustration: Staff around AHS remind students they support them through small gestures.

PSA on the GSA

New student group organizes to support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ students at AHS.
Eleanor McCalla December 1, 2021

In 1998, a spark of an idea in San Francisco swept through the United States, helping students across the country find support and raise awareness within their school systems. This network of school-based...

Students at the pep rally would participate in friendly competition called Battle Cry, where  every section of classes has to yell victory as loud as they can.

The Fall of Trojan Pride – OPINION

In recent years, participation at school events has gone down, making our Trojan pride decline.
Alex Sonntag November 24, 2021

The roaring student sections and echoing chants have been a tradition in high school for many years. The crowd rallied for the athletes as they pushed themselves towards victory. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! As the...

NHS members take the pledge to induct them into the program. Senior Andrew Engler led the pledge.

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

38 students were inducted into NHS at Atlantic High School.
Dakota Oswalt November 22, 2021

The National Honor Society is a program that awards students for academic achievement and community service. It has four pillars; scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Members show their dedication...

PROUD DIRECTOR - Choir director Evan Adamon prepared 17 students for All-State competition. Two students were selected for the illustrious choir.

An Inside Look at All-State- OPINIONS

Students share their reflections on the challenges of All-State tryouts.
Taliya James November 8, 2021

All-State auditions took place on Saturday, Oct. 23.  Multiple musicians at AHS participated in the demanding audition process during the weeks before the in-person audition. Three participants shared...

The varsity football team runs through the banner to get hype for the upcoming game. The score ended up being 42-6.

Homecoming in a Nutshell

A final look at Homecoming 2021.
Elizabeth Anderson, Editor October 18, 2021

Chaylei Carey was crowned 2021 Homecoming Queen on Friday, Oct. 8.

Homecoming Court is Now in Session

Homecoming royalty was recently crowned at AHS.
Dakota Oswalt October 12, 2021

One of the longest-running Homecoming traditions at AHS is the coronation: where two seniors, a male and female, are crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The crowning has always been held during the pep...

Dodging Defeat

Dodging Defeat

Taliya James October 11, 2021

During Homecoming week, teams assembled together for a dodge ball tournament. A tournament took place on Tuesday, Oct. 5, and Thursday, Oct. 7.

The Final Face-Off

The dodge ball championship took place on Thursday during AO.
Elizabeth Anderson October 11, 2021

Balls flying, crowds roaring, stakes high, dodgeball championships were back during AO on Thursday.  Starting off, the senior team and freshmen team faced off for third and last place. Senior Addison...

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