Ariel Clark

Engler prepares to enter the stage to perform as her main role of Wednesday Addams, the female love interest of the show.

Whisked Away by Wednesday

Actress for Wednesday Addams, senior Olivia Engler, believes that people should attend the musical due to its vibrant atmosphere in comparison to the gloomy year. “We’re obviously in a very hard time right now and I think it would lift people’s spirit a lot,” said Engler. She’s excited to “see how everything turns out.”

This will be Engler’s first time as a lead role in a musical. Engler said, “This is definitely a very new experience for me.” Still Engler finds the experience to be fun and a good learning experience. “I think we all have a really good bond as a cast.”

Engler’s favorite song is “The Moon in Me” due to senior Molly McFadden’s role as the moon. “It’s quite an experience.” She also believes that the student who sings the song, sophomore Micaiah Andersen, “portrays the role very well.” Andersen plays Fester in the musical.

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