Freshman with Knowledge of Finance and Food

Meet Charlotte Saluk and her business, Sweets by Charlotte.


Shayla Luke

Charlotte Saluk assists a customer at Produce in the Park last summer. Saluk would sell her goods, as well as answer questions on her business and recipes.

Ariel Clark, Editor

“Get yourself out there,” Charlotte Saluk said towards other students that wish to become an entrepreneur. Saluk has been running a sweets business for the past two to three years. She sells a variety of desserts, such as cakes, but her favorite and most popular one to sell is her cupcakes. The business helps hone her cooking skills and bring them to the next level. “I really enjoy it,” she said.

Her passion stems from one major source. “I always liked baking with my mom and my grandma,” Saluk said, “so I decided, why not?” Investing her own time and money, Saluk purchases all the ingredients, supplies, and stands needed to effectively run her business. While her parents offer to help, Saluk said that it’s “kind of like a one-woman operation.”  

Allison Berryhill
Saluk was hired by the administrators to make some desserts for a meeting at the high school. She whipped up a couple batches of her signature cupcakes.

Planning on expansion, Saluk is working on making cakes and cupcakes for special occasions. To do this, she takes special orders via her Facebook page and through friends or family. She is, however, also working on a site that would make easier to order for individuals. Her plans are to “go into culinary arts and baking.” She’s still deciding if she wants to open a bakery when she gets older.