• JV wrestling heads to a tournament at Southeast Polk on Saturday, Dec. 14. Good luck!
  • The wrestling team takes on Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln this weekend. Good luck!
  • Good luck to the basketball teams on Friday, Dec. 13 as they take on Creston!
  • The Madrigal Dinner is this weekend in the commons. Break a leg!
  • The ACT test is Saturday, Dec. 14 at AHS.
  • AHS is hosting SWIBA auditions on Saturday, Dec. 14. Good luck to those auditioning!
  • There is a home archery meet on Saturday, Dec. 14. Good luck!
  • The speech team is participating in a tournament at Dowling Catholic this weekend. Break a leg!
  • The boys swim team hosts Sioux City West and South Sioux City on Thursday, Dec. 12. Good luck!
  • The 2018-19 Javelin is in!

2019-2020 Staff

Alex Harper

Broadcasting Videographer

Atlantic High School senior Alex Harper is an editor for the Eye of the Needle. He works on creating videos with junior Kolby Parrott for the “Trojan Buzz” section. “Trojan Buzz” is a comedic portion of the weekly Eye of th...

Da’Jai Wesson

AHS Needle Editor

Da’Jai Wesson is an editor for the AHSNeedle. She writes stories that vary from school news to things related to the media. Wesson puts out at least one story a week. Her favorite story so far was the story she wrote about B...

Caroline Pellett

Yearbook Editor

When Caroline Pellett, a junior at AHS, isn’t playing volleyball, track or softball, you can probably find her with her three corgis, Jake, Sadie and Windsor. She is also involved in FFA, the MVP Program, NHS, wrestling man...

Kennedy Goergen

Yearbook Editor

Yearbook editor and photographer Kennedy Goergen said that her favorite task in journalism is taking photos at sporting events. She especially enjoys cross country meets because of all the “emotion” in the photos she captures. Som...

Makynzie Steffens

Yearbook Editor

Junior Makynzie Steffens is a photo editor for all of the journalism programs at AHS. Steffens earned her journalism letter at the beginning of her junior year. Steffens’ favorite part about journalism is taking pictures and helping ...

Lauren Nicholas

Yearbook Editor

Lauren Nicholas is a junior that loves sports and hanging out with friends. You may know Lauren as only an athlete but she is much more than that. She found her interest in journalism in Intro to Journalism writing stories and ...

Bryer Rose

Broadcasting Anchor

Bryer Rose is a rising star in the AHS Journalism lineup. She currently works as a Fine Arts anchor on the weekly newscast "Eye of the Needle," covering theater, chorus, band, and the arts. Rose has attended a number of worksh...

Kolby Parrott

Broadcasting Videographer

Sky diving, bull riding, climbing a mountain, bungee jumping, and basically, anything that has to do with adrenaline or is physically challenging are things junior, Kolby Parrott would love to try. Parrott is one of the editors f...

Haylie Handel

Video Editor

Junior Haylie Handel is an editor of Eye of the Needle. She has been involved in softball, choir, broadcasting, show choir and dance throughout her high school years. Handel says that she joined journalism because she likes ...

Jenna Pelzer

Broadcasting Anchor

Jenna Pelzer, a junior at Atlantic High School, has been involved in track, dance, dance team and journalism. She has been a journalist student since her sophomore year and is now in broadcasting. “It’s really fun being on c...

Colin Mullenix

Broadcasting Editor

Colin Mullenix, a junior at Atlantic High School, is a multi-sport athlete and is in the process of his third year of journalism. During high school, Mullenix has competed in football, wrestling, track and field and baseball....

Grace Barkley

Broadcasting Anchor

Grace Barkley, a Junior at AHS, is a part of the broadcasting team for AHS Eye of the Needle which is posted every Friday on Youtube. Barkley is the sports anchor, writes scripts and creates packages. A “package” is an interview...

Madison Botos

Broadcasting Editor

Junior Madison Botos loves sports, hanging out with friends and listening to music, found her interest in journalism from her upperclassman friends that were involved, who said it was a blast. She is in broadcasting and makes ad...

Mia Trotter

Broadcasting Anchor

It’s Friday afternoon and all of the Atlantic student body is rushing to their laptops to open up this week's Eye of the Needle. They thrust the computers out of their bags and fumble with the zippers. They put in their pass...

Shayla Luke

Yearbook Editor

Coming into high school, Shayla Luke wanted to become more involved in the community so she joined journalism. When Luke first joined journalism, she planned on using her writing skills to publish articles, but instead took inte...

Maycie Waters

Broadcasting Editor

Maycie Waters, junior at Atlantic High School,  has four siblings, three sisters and one brother. Waters’ oldest sister McKenzie is the reason she decided to go into Journalism. Water is in all sorts of other activities other...

Dani Mathisen

AHS Needle Editor

Dani Mathisen, a junior at AHS, is an editor for the school newspaper AHS Needle and a co-creator of the senior magazine. Mathisen is writing 20 senior spotlight stories this semester. In her free time, she likes to cuddle with ...

Molly McFadden

AHS Needle Editor

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!” echoed through the halls last winter as Molly McFadden prepared Meryl Streep’s Grammy’s acceptance speech for her Public Address event during the 2019 speech season. Her obsession wi...

Ariel Clark

AHS Needle Editor

Ariel Clark is just one of the many journalism editors at Atlantic High School. She first joined the journalism team because she adored advisor Allison Berryhill’s personality and had a fond interest in writing. She is writing for ...

Camryn Church

AHS Needle Editor

Camryn Church, a junior at Atlantic High School, said that she joined journalism because she didn’t really know much about it and wanted to learn more about it. She also wanted to have more classes with journalism and English tea...

Lucas Behrens

Broadcasting Videographer

Lucas Behrends is an editor and videographer for the broadcasting class. His main role in journalism is to take pictures and short videos for Eye of the Needle. While in high school he has been involved in band, fall play, sp...

Reagan Pellett

Yearbook Editor

Reagan Pellett became involved in journalism because of her older friends and her interest in taking pictures. Pellet is a yearbook editor, so she takes pictures for and designs pages in the yearbook. Pellett’s favorite part of jo...

Anna Lowary

Social Media Editor

Junior Annamaria Lowary has been involved in journalism since her sophomore year, which is when the class is first offered to students. Lowary creates many of the ads for Eye of the Needle (EON) with Kenzie Waters and Chloe Da...

Grace Bruckner

Broadcasting Editor

Grace Bruckner, an AHS senior, edits Eye of the Needle when it is her team's week but will help the other team to make sure they are putting out the best show they can. Bruckner also has many photographs in the yearbook and on Eye of t...

Connor Church

AHS Needle Editor

Connor (Churchy) Church, is a senior at Atlantic Highschool. He said he got into journalism from “people telling (him) to get into it to write the sports news.” Church has 30 or more stories on his sleeve and said, “(He)...

Kelsie Siedlik

Broadcasting Videographer

Sophomore Kelsie Siedlik is a journalism production student with an interest in broadcasting. “It makes me feel like I’m in charge almost,” she said. She enjoys the editing aspect of broadcasting. Siedlik is also involved in stu...

Grace Clay

AHS Needle Editor

Grace Clay is an editor on the AHS Needle journalism team. Clay mainly writes reviews, but this year she has “branched” out and begun writing cross country stories. Journalism has helped her writing over all, and it has also...

Emma Templeton

Yearbook Editor in Chief

Senior, Emma Templeton is the lead editor of the yearbook. Her job is to make sure that all of the editors are on the same page, she creates templates and spreadsheets, and she is the final step of review before the editors tu...

Pluma Pross

Yearbook Editor

Senior Pluma Pross has been involved in all aspects of AHS journalism over the past three years. This year she is a yearbook editor. Pross said her favorite part about yearbook is “the freedom we get to design our own pages....

Madison Fell

Journalism Production Student

Maddy Fell, an AHS senior, has been involved in journalism since her sophomore year. She is a Social Media editor for the journalism department while also working in the yearbook and conducting teacher interviews for Eye of t...

Kylie Neal

Yearbook Editor

Kylie Neal is a senior at Atlantic High School and has partaken in several activities throughout her high school career. She has been involved in journalism, track, National Honor Society, mentoring, student council, AHS Fuel, wres...

Aleigh Bean

Broadcasting Editor

Senior Aleigh Bean has been in AHS Journalism since her sophomore year. Her role is making videos and making specials for the show Eye of the Needle (EON). One of Bean’s favorite parts about journalism is making videos. Her favorite ...

Cale Roller

Eye of the Needle Editor

Cale Roller, senior, goes to Atlantic High School and takes part in many activities such as journalism, football, wrestling as well as track and field. Roller is in broadcasting and said he enjoys making entertaining videos for ...

Anastasia Muell

AHS Needle Editor

It’s difficult to find a more energetic, positive and kind girl than senior Anastasia Muell. She has dedicated the past three years of her life to excelling in her activities and academics. She has participated in a myriad of...

Hana Holtz

AHS Needle Editor in Chief

Hana Holtz, the lead editor of AHS Needle, assigns and edits stories for the school website. Holtz is the lead editor with 86 stories in total, the most published of the team. Originally, she didn’t plan on joining the journalism ...

Alyssa Brockob

AHS Needle Editor

Alyssa (Aly) Brockob, is a lead editor and author for AHS Needle. Brockob, along with Dani Mathisen, is in charge of the Senior Spotlight Magazine. They both write around 20 stories for the Senior Spotlight and figure out design...

Kathryn Saluk

Broadcasting Editor in Chief

Senior, Katie Saluk, takes part in numerous activities in Atlantic High School. This would include cross country, soccer, Student Council, AHS fuel, and she takes an active part in the musical. Saluk was congratulated with th...

Chloe Davis

Broadcasting Anchor

Chloe Davis, a senior at AHS is a part of the broadcasting team. Davis’ role in broadcasting is being the news anchor for the “black team.” Davis said her favorite part of journalism is “walking in and seeing food in the cubbi...

McKenzie Waters

Broadcasting Anchor

McKenzie Waters, a senior at Atlantic High School, joined journalism because she wanted to learn more about how to take videos and pictures as well as work cameras. Her favorite part about journalism is being able to make scripts a...

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