Kathy Hobson teaches earth science.

November 30, 2020


Ariel Clark

Teaching Earth Science, primarily to freshmen freshman, Kathy Hobson offer the use of science notebooks on her assessments.

Science teacher Kathy Honson also prefers the pencil and paper method (though has resorted to sharing documents for online learners). The evaluations, though, usually are composed of a variety of test styles (primarily essay/shot question) to meet the required standards. “Toughest part has been hoping that remote/quarantined learners are taking evaluations honestly since they can’t be monitored directly,” said Hobson. Because of this, she has allowed the use of their notebooks on tests.  

Hobson enjoys the testing process at AHS’s individualism. “Our testing process at AHS is very individual– each teacher can decide how and when they want to test,” said Hobson. She landed on her own method of testing by attending various meetings with fellow staff and receiving input from professionals, allowing her to adapt them into her own unique style.

She recommends that students review activities and notes every night before an evaluation regardless of if they have homework or not. “Do some practice problems if formulas are going to be involved,” said Hobson. One of the most common mistakes she sees students make is failing to fully read through directions. This can lead to a lack of correct labeling (such as mL instead of grams) or students “making up their own words when a word list (is) provided.”  Proofreading is essential to any test or exam.

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