Let’s Letter for a Letterman Jacket

By participating in events and extracurriculars, some students may have found themselves ‘lettering.’


Camryn Church

Outfitters Plus can help students purchase a letterman jacket. Some students have interest in letterman jackets in order to display achievements they have earned throughout their activities in high school.

Ariel Clark, Editor

Most students who have participated in activities in their free time may have found themselves “lettering” in that particular area. While often obtained from extracurriculars, it is possible for students to letter academically as well, with the earliest being the end of sophomore year. When students receive enough points, they’ll earn a Trojan Head. However, these letters are almost irrelevant unless the student owns a letter jacket.  

To get a letter jacket, a student is expected to pay for the expenses themselves and find one on their own terms. Sites such as Jacketshop (Stewert & Strauss) can guide students through the process of making and getting their own jacket. Outfitters Plus in Atlantic also sells them. The cost can vary depending on the material used. Anywhere from $100-300 is usually a solid expectation on what one might cost. Graphics Factory says that the cost is high due to the materials used and the fact that it’s expected to be “passed down from generation to generation.”

With a jacket, students can display their participation badges and other insignia that identify them as an active member of certain extracurriculars or have academic prowess. Each attachment to the jacket is usually around $30 to put on. They can have the jackets custom made and delivered for additional costs. Letter jackets tend to be in the same colors as the school.

I think these were really popular in the 70s through the 90s, but not so much now.

— Jarrod O'Donnell

According to our student handbook, “The purpose of awarding letters for academic achievement is to further motivate students to do well in their course work and recognize those efforts.” A student can letter academically by obtaining a total of 56 points. The points are based on grades with: A = +2, B = +1, C = 0, D = -1, and F = -2.  The Trojan Head is awarded to those who earn over 90 points in their high school career. Extracurricular activities have their own guidelines and point systems that students can ask their educators about.

Band director Jarrod O’Donnell is indifferent about the jackets. He thinks that students who require a coat to stay warm could benefit from the jackets, but that they don’t have much use aside from that. “I think these were really popular in the 70s through the 90s, but not so much now,” said O’Donnell. The amount of people who letter varies each year depending on the students involved. “If they participate in things outside of the normal school day.”  For band, students can take Solo/Small Ensemble, Honor Band auditions, Jazz Band, and other band-related special events in order to letter. Students who want to letter are expected to “do more.”