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The student news site of Atlantic High School


The student news site of Atlantic High School


Rebecca Powers at her desk in J & R Tax Services.

Heroes of Atlantic – Rebecca Power

Claire Pellett September 13, 2022

“I like helping people and trying to keep our community thriving,” said local business owner, Rebecca Power. Power's partnership with Jan Kinnison has created a foundation for downtown Atlantic. Kinnison...

Katie Hedegaard teaches freshman English, Debate, and coaches cheerleading.

Katie Hedegaard

Claire Pellett, Editor September 1, 2022

Taking on Debate, Drama, and coaching cheerleading on top of four sections of Freshman English 1 class would be a lot for most people, but new teacher Katie Hedegaard says it’s a way to challenge herself...

Mary Jensen helps Angel Perez with his homework.

Mary Jensen

Genevieve McCalla, Editor September 1, 2022

Even if money didn’t matter, Mary Jensen’s dream job would still be a teacher. “I have something to share with all my students.” She said, “I would say that I’m a really caring person.” Jensen...

Terri Theilen

Terri Theilen

Dakota Oswalt, Lead Editor September 1, 2022

Terri Theilen is the new English and Creative Writing teacher at Atlantic High School. The substitute teacher is here temporarily because she was needed due to the teacher shortage. “I am here for the...

Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson

Katie Birge, Editor September 1, 2022

In room 400, Megan Anderson thrives on teaching students. Anderson is the new math teacher at Atlantic High School. Before teaching here, she was a substitute teacher that taught in grades preschool to...

Anna Pauley is the new chemistry, physics, and AP Chemistry teacher.

Anna Pauley

Alyssa Neal, Editor September 1, 2022

At the age of 34, Anna Pauley made a career change. After working with the elderly as a physical therapist assistant, Pauley said, “It just wasn’t working." Between difficulties during holidays, unpredictable...

Molly OHara

Molly O’Hara

Alexis Peterson, Editor September 1, 2022

Kickball, scatter ball, and basketball, Molly O'Hara teaches it all. O'Hara is the new Physical Education and Health teacher after the resignation of Cole Renken last year. She also coaches softball for...

Encountering new regulations, the girls basketball team stayed masked as often as they could. The girls were able to play all of their games this season despite COVID.

The Lingering COVID Impact

Jaci Brosam May 9, 2022

“It became an open setting; when kids found out that it was optional, I had 33% of kids doing their homework online at first, and then it went down to 10% of kids doing their homework online,” said...

Eye of the Needle — May 3, 2022

Faith Nath May 3, 2022

Check out the newest Eye of the Needle video!

Amelia Peterson prepares to bowl and hopes for a strike. The PE class played bowling tournaments during first semester.

The Value of Physical Education

Braden Spurr April 29, 2022

The first time physical education (PE) was taught in an American school was in 1820 at Round Hill School in Northampton, Massachusetts. In the early 1900s, a few states passed legislation requiring PE...

Should you have to love someone just because they are a part of your family?

Do We Have to Love our Families? — OPINION

Katreen Buliche, Staff Writer April 28, 2022

Picture yourself sharing breakfast alongside your perfect, content family. Sharing laughter and joy while the eggs are still crackling into shape on the stovetop. Orange juice and milk get passed over...

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