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Taliya James

Taliya James, AHS Needle Lead Editor

Taliya James is a senior at AHS. She is the lead editor of AHSNeedle. She runs, edits stories, and runs all of the social media. 

James recently posted a video that is filled with emotion. James stated, “We asked students what they wish teachers knew and it has been a challenge for me to figure everything out.” The video got the best of SNO. 

There is so much room for growth and improvement in journalism. “The creativity is amazing. I learn so much from my editors every day. I also love reading and writing so that’s a plus,” James said. There are so many aspects of journalism and so many new things that can be learned and a lot of new friends you can make. 

Journalists have a life outside of school or their job nobody knows about. James is a cheerleader, dancer, competitive dancer, and she helps in the fall plays occasionally. Many people have many interesting things about them that nobody knows about. “I was born with gastroschisis. 98% of my intestines were outside of my body and I had to go through intense surgeries to save my life. I don’t have a belly button either,” James said. 

“I love to write poetry. I also love to read and listen to the rain. I also play a lot of Hayday in my free time,” James said, “I am super open-minded, which makes me super easy to talk to.” 

James looks up to English teacher Allison Berryhill. “She always pushes me to do better and inspires me to go the distance for my future,” James said. Ms. Berryhill inspired her to go to college for secondary education in English. The one person who knows James best is her sister Tayzun. “She is my other half. I can just look at her and she knows everything,” James said.

Author: Mollie Gill

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Dodging Defeat

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