An Update on the Class of 2019

AHS graduates from the class of 2019 give an update on how they’re doing out of high school.


Makynzie Steffens

Hannah Anstey, Halsey Bailey, Nathan Behrends, and Alyssa Behrens sit together at graduation. Last year, the speaker for Commencement was history teacher Trace Petersen.

Camryn Church, Editor

Second semester has begun for high schoolers and college students alike. Some 2019 AHS graduates opted out of going to college and are currently in the workforce. Regardless of their location, last year’s graduates are adjusting to their new chapter in life.

Someone from the class of 2019 that is currently in the workforce is Colissa Wheeler. Currently, she has two jobs. Wheeler can be found at Hy-Vee and at the Wiota Steakhouse. “Hy-Vee has good benefits and it’s a great environment to work in. Wiota Steakhouse has an amazing staff and a great boss,” Wheeler said. Wheeler wasn’t sure if she was ready to graduate or not, but she was “excited” to do so. She also said, “Not much can prepare you for such a big experience” in regards to the change in environment. Wheeler is currently living alone, but will be moving in with her boyfriend soon. She wants to go to college, but is unsure of what major she would like to study. “College is expensive. I can’t afford to change majors,” Wheeler said. 

Chris Krogh is attending Northwest Missouri State. Krogh chose this college because of their education program, and the opportunities it brings. Currently, Krogh is majoring in Spanish Education and minoring in Theatre. Most of his classes consist of general education courses, like chemistry, sociology, and government. “Those can be very interesting, or very boring,” he said. His college experience has been enjoyable so far. “I’m making friends and doing well in classes. College is just pretty easy to me,” Krogh said. 

Another graduate, Jalen Petersen, is attending college at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in Mason City, Iowa. Petersen chose NIACC “because the cross country and track programs really appealed to me, and the tuition is cheaper than most colleges in Iowa.” Petersen is majoring in physical education, and becoming certified to coach. “Since I took most of the main general education classes through Iowa Western, most of my classes have to do with physical education, health, nutrition, and psychology. I enjoy most of my classes,” he said. Petersen runs cross country for NIACC. He also has a job at Floyd and Leonard, a lawn care and snow removal company. He spends two hours at practice daily and has a total of five hours in the classroom each week. 

Sadie Welter is attending Iowa State University because it is close to home and much cheaper than going out of state. “They have great academic programs and opportunities and it seemed to be a good fit,” Welter said. She is majoring in physics with an astronomy minor. “My overall goal is to do research through NASA. I am pursuing research in astrophysics, which would include studying galaxies, stars, and other phenomena in the universe,” she said. Welter’s classes are heavily math and science-based. Welter’s college experience has been really positive. “At Iowa State, it’s really easy to feel at home while also being just a short drive away from actual home,” she said.

There are many opportunities that individuals can pursue following their high school graduation. Whether it be college, trade school, the work force, or the military, there’s something for everyone after the tassel is flipped.