Passing Period Anthems

From “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons, to “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire, AHS’ passing periods have been bumping this week.

English teacher Allison Berryhill submits her students song requests.

Camryn Church

English teacher Allison Berryhill submits her students’ song requests.

Camryn Church, Editor

Throughout the week, music has been played in the halls as students walk to their classes. Each song is different, varying in style and genre. Principal Heather McKay said this has no correlation to the sounds that were played previously in the halls as soothing music between classes.

 On Friday, Jan. 3, when educators reported back to school, the professional development speaker was Sam Stecher, the superintendent of East Butler High School, a public school in Nebraska. Stecher has what is called “Mission Mondays,” and posts them on Friday afternoons. McKay has been keeping up with his postings. “The mission for this week was about theme songs, people’s theme songs. Songs that make you feel good, or kind of reflect who you are,” McKay said.

The tunes being broadcasted through the halls of AHS are students’ theme songs. In order to be played, the jams were submitted by educators, who asked their pupils about their musical selections. All songs submitted were run by Assistant Principal Andrew Mitchell. Those lucky enough to have their song selected could hear it en route to class.

While the new addition has been well-received, McKay is unsure of whether it will be a regular occurrence.