Madrigal Creeps Closer

The Lords and Ladies of the choir kingdom get ready for their performances on Saturday and Sunday.



Seniors Belle Wickman and Bradley Dennis pop a squat at last year’s Madrigal Dinner. The two were jesters their junior year.

Camryn Church, Editor

The ninth annual Madrigal Dinner is approaching, and the Lords and Ladies of the AHS choir kingdom are preparing to dazzle the crowd with their food, entertainment, and atmosphere. The dates are Saturday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 15 at 5 p.m. at the high school. They will be providing a four-course meal, complete with soup, salad, lasagna, and apple cake. Tickets are $20 each, and the proceeds will go to the choir program.

Everyone in choir has been practicing songs these past few weeks to prepare. This includes the Treble Singers, the  Concert Choir, and the Chamber Choir. Each group will perform a selection of songs they have been practicing, and along with that, there will be a small play performed by a group of students who auditioned a few weeks prior. The play is called “Murder Most Fowl”–pun intended. It is about a golden egg laying goose who is murdered. The characters try to find the culprit, along with the help of the audience. Along with the play, seniors have the chance to do a senior solo while the guests are eating, to help move the night along. 

All of the seniors get to sit at the head table. Those with the highest lettering points are king and queen. Katie Saluk, Ana Muell, Bradley Dennis, and Zach McKay are this year’s kings and queens. Saluk and Dennis will be crowned on Saturday night and Muell and McKay will reign on Sunday. 

Choir director Ethan Pruisman said he is excited for this year’s Madrigal. “I’m excited to see how this goes,” Pruisman said. “It’s something new that I’ve never done, so its fun to see the process and see it all come together.”