Spaghetti Supper Funds Upcoming Music Trip

The spaghetti supper helps many band members pay for their trip to Florida.


Camryn Church

Junior Jasmyne Oasay-Waddell helps at the spaghetti supper dessert table. All band members are required to participate in the supper.

Da'Jai Wesson, Editor

For the spring break of 2020, the AHS band and choir will be taking a trip to Florida. On Monday, Feb. 10, the spaghetti supper was held in the commons at the high school. This is one of the ways the band prepares for the upcoming trip. 

According to band director Jarrod O’Donnell, the spaghetti supper originally started 52 years ago to raise money for band uniforms. “That was before my time, but now it’s for the band and choir trip,” O’Donnell said. 

Planning for the spaghetti supper begins at the end of October, but the band is “kind of constantly planning.” Meetings for the parents and committee members take place throughout December, January, and February. 

This year, the band presold 1,536 tickets and the final amount served was around 1,912 people. According to O’Donnell, they don’t have the food costs calculated, but the overall ticket sales amounted to around $15,500. O’Donnell said, “Hopefully when the food costs come in, we profit 10,000 dollars.”

Overall, O’Donnell thought the event ran smoothly. He said the parents “did a great job” and that “there was a lot of pie leftover.” Band parents are a huge part of the success of the spaghetti supper. “It makes it a lot easier when the parents are involved,” O’Donnell said.

Senior band member Stephanie Kirchner thought the supper went “pretty good.” Throughout the night, she did both serving and working the dessert table. Her favorite part about the spaghetti supper is that she gets to “ask friends and family to go.” Kirchner will be attending the Florida trip this spring. 

The spaghetti supper is around the same time every year, and all band members are required to participate.