Swinging Inn to Season

Jazz band and show choir kick off their season at the annual Swing Inn concert.


Alex Garcia

Senior Ethan Williams focuses on his music as he play bass at Swing Inn. Williams is also involved in cross country, basketball, tennis, musical pit, and marching and concert band.

Camryn Church and Molly McFadden

Swing Inn was held on Monday, Feb. 1 in the high school auditorium. The concert featured many jazz band and show choir members. For show choir, Diversity and Premiere each sang three songs. Premiere’s set included “Illusions of Life,” “I’m Still Standing,” and “This is Me.” The first song was sung together, with the choir splitting boys and girls for the last two. The jazz band’s set included four pieces.

Swing Inn featured many solos including seniors Genevieve Martinez and Camryn Church who sang center stage with Premiere. For the jazz band, solos came from seniors Nate McLean, Lex Somers, Ethan Williams, and Lane Muell; juniors Hunter Weppler, Bryan York, and Weston Hoover; and freshmen Parker Brock and Braden Spurr. Senior Henry McCalla, a member of the Premiere Show Choir, said his favorite part of Swing Inn was listening to the jazz band, specifically McLean’s solos because “it went crazy.” McCalla said, “The thing the choir needs to work on most is knowing the words and singing confidently. That said, we did well given the circumstances.”

Williams said his favorite part of the performance was being on stage playing bass guitar. He believes that the jazz band has some room for improvement with dynamics, but said “We did good staying together.” 

The show was live-streamed for the public and can now be watched back. On top of this, each performer was allowed three guests in person. Due to COVID-19 mitigation strategies, there are a few things that needed to be done differently for this year’s performance. The jazz band sat six feet apart from each other, spanning across the majority of the stage. Along with that, the wind instruments have bell covers on. This acts as a “mask” for their instruments.

The next band and choir concert will be the Late Winter Concert and is set to be held on Feb. 23.