Activity Equality — OPINION

When was the last time you supported an activity that you normally wouldn’t?


Molly McFadden

The cheerleaders stand ready at a football game this season. Behind the scenes, the squad makes snacks and posters.

Camryn Church, Editor

When you think of extracurricular activities, what do you think of? Football? Basketball? All of the activities offered at AHS should be considered with the same amount of respect and should be valued in their own ways. 

Cheerleaders work hour after hour to make sure the football boys have snacks after every game, which they pay for with their own money. Cheerleaders make the posters you see in the hallways before every football game, and still cheer for our team when no one else will. Whether it’s basketball, wrestling, or football, the cheerleaders all cram into a suburban to cheer them on, game after game, meet after meet. 

The softball team always has an outstanding season, yet somehow they don’t get the same recognition as the football team. 

The tennis girls won their first conference meet in seven years, and it went almost unnoticed, except for their loyal supporters (which could also count as their parents). 

The same issue is found in fine arts as well. When was the last time you or a friend attended a band concert or a show choir competition? For example, state show choir is hosted at AHS. Still, not many students outside of the program attend. 

The fall play and spring musical are so much fun to be a part of. Blood, sweat, and tears are poured into making these productions amazing. The actors and tech workers are at the high school at ungodly hours of the night, trying to pull together a show that will make your jaw drop. 

Speech kids work to make sure the pieces they work on are perfectly timed out and choreographed to make their presentation all the more exciting. Sometimes, there are events these students do with only a half an hour of preparation offered to them. This requires skill, and is a task many aren’t able to complete.

Why do these hard-working groups receive little acknowledgment?

Therefore, the next time you’re planning on going to an activity–like a girls basketball game, or a volleyball match, or any other event you might not normally go to–you should. It feels amazing when you have support. It builds up others. Finally, it creates a positive culture within our school, something everyone should want to be a part of.