When was the Last Time You Cried?

Crying is healthy for a variety of reasons.

Some schools have designated rooms where students can cry it out if needed.

Camryn Church

Some schools have designated rooms where students can cry it out if needed.

Camryn Church, Editor

When was the last time you cried? For some, it’s just yesterday, and for others, it’s been months. According to Enlightened Solutions, crying is not a sign of weakness, but actually a sign of strength. Crying reduces emotional stress and helps to process it. They go on to explain the social stigma behind crying. Even unknowingly when someone tells you “Shh don’t cry,” they’re really telling you to stop expressing your emotions. 

Junior Aliyah Jordan has cried recently in the morning before heading to school. Jordan was stressed from school and didn’t want to go. Jordan thinks it’s important to cry because she “cries at least 4 times a day, and it allows you to express your emotions.” 

Another junior, Trista Flathers has also cried recently. Flathers was crying “because high school boys break high school girls’ hearts.” And while both were crying for different reasons, they agreed that it’s important and healthy to cry. Flathers said, “If you keep your emotions in, you’re just going to explode at a random time when it’s not convenient.”

Senior Connor Church cried after the Trojans beat Kuemper Catholic in football this season. “I think crying is healthy. I’ve never had any side effects of it or whatever. I’ve never had any side effects of crying.” Church said.

In an AHSNeedle poll, 63% agreed that it is healthy to cry, while 28% said somewhat and 9% said that it is not healthy to cry. Psychology Today suggests that while crying is healthy, you should only cry for your own relief, not just for other people. They also suggest not setting a time limit on your tears, don’t dictate how long you’re able to express your emotions. According to Healthline, crying can help detoxify your body, and improve your mood. It can also restore emotional balance, and help you recover from grief.