Volleyball Girls Battle it Out

The Trojans took on Red Oak and Shenandoah on Oct. 13.


Kynzie Steffens

The girls come together to celebrate after winning a point in a match during a game last season.

Camryn Church, Editor

The girls took on Red Oak and Shenandoah on Oct. 13 in a triangular, losing to the Tigers and coming out on top against the Mustangs. The score against Red Oak was 25-18, 25-18, and 25-13 respectively. The victory against Shenandoah was 25-15, 20-25, 25-22 and 28-26.

This is sophomore Alexis Noelck’s first year playing Varsity. She says she has become more comfortable and vocal while playing with her peers. “Our team has really improved on communication and playing to win,” Noelck said. She also said that the team has “strong hitters,” and good chemistry together. “We are good at communicating and picking each other up when we are struggling.”

Our team has really improved on communication and playing to win.

— Alexis Noelck

While the girls are required to wear masks when practicing or sitting on the bench during a game, Noelck encourages students to come support the team and make some noise. “I like playing in loud gyms because it gives us more energy and momentum,” Noelck said. 

Abigail Smith is another sophomore in the varsity lineup. Smith said the team has improved on passing and communication, but it can be difficult practicing with masks. “The hardest thing about Covid is that we have to wear our masks at all times during practice. It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be but it just makes some things a bit more difficult.” 

The girls host Clarinda on Monday, Oct. 19 as their first regional game. The girls encourage students to fill the gym during regionals. “When students come to our games, especially ones in your grade, it really pumps you up for the game and makes you wanna play your best,” Smith said.