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Allison Berryhill

Allison Berryhill, Adviser

Journalism advisor and English teacher Allison Berryhill has been teaching at Atlantic High School for 18 years, teaching English 1 and all branches of Journalism, including broadcasting, yearbook, and newspaper. “I love the fact that kids can get up and move around and they don’t have to stay in their seats,” Berryhill said regarding her classes. “Teaching is just so much fun. It’s always different, kids are so funny. I’ve taught just about anything and each class is so interesting.” 

In her free time, Berryhill reads and writes. “This won’t surprise you, I like to write poetry and essays.” Berryhill can also be found running on gravel roads or local trails in the spring and summer. “When the weather gets cold, I kind of peter out.” Something unusual Berryhill does in her free time is playing the accordion “five times a week with my mother-in-law,” who is 92 years old. 

Berryhill enjoys working in Atlantic because “It’s easy to have good relationships with the kids because there’re fewer of them.” She doesn’t have current plans to retire. “I still look forward to coming to school every day,” she said, and “at some point, I will retire or die.”

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