Soothing Sounds in the Halls

The science behind the sounds.


Allison Berryhill

Sophomore Brycen Erickson tunes into his music during drama class. Erickson’s headphones are bluetooth.

Molly McFadden, Editor

Students and teachers alike could hear music being played throughout the halls on Friday, Nov. 8. This wasn’t any ordinary music and many students were confused. The tunes were chosen to be played while students passed throughout the halls in order to provide peace and a relaxing effect. The sounds that could be heard had a frequency of 432 Hertz.

Ask Audio suggests and compares the effects of playing 432 Hertz music. The article says, “Meditating with 432 Hertz music can be an extremely powerful and effortless way to experience a deep cleansing dive within your consciousness. Many choose this type of music for meditation due to the ability for the natural harmonics to resonate cleanly with the mind and body of a person, allowing for a deeper and more nourishing experience.”

Principal Heather McKay was the mastermind behind the playing of calming sounds. McKay had heard about the music and started to research it herself. One day in Professional Development, McKay decided to give the tunes a try, just to see what happens. “I had a specific activity that I wanted educators to do and some were being very vocal.” McKay said that once the music started playing, everyone in PD became more reflective and “the conversation started to shift.”

Research has found that different frequencies of music affect the body in different ways. An article by KION discusses the many effects of different frequencies. It says, “528 Hertz affects your brain and influences any sense of shame or unworthiness, lending a greater sense of self-worth, as well as impacts the cells of the heart and also elicits a sense of love.”

When the 432 Hertz music was played in the halls, McKay made sure to go see the effects. She said she observed a general switch of feeling in the halls. According to McKay, there wasn’t nearly as much negative talk, and people seemed to be nicer towards one another.

McKay plans to drop the beats again soon. Although, she won’t tell when. “It’s just going to happen when it happens,” she said.