Seniors not taking ASVAB test

Senior Toni Swanson

by Stephanie Pross

In previous years, while freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the ITEDS, seniors took the the entrance test for the United States Military known as the ASVAB. This year, however, seniors will not be taking the test.

Principal Heather McKay said, “There was a change in the testing schedule this year; therefore, I asked the military if there was any way the ASVAB test could be split into three separate days, and they said it wasn’t possible.”

Taking the ASVAB test has benefits in addition to entrance into military.  Guidance counselor Creg Fredin said a benefit of the ASVAB test is the range of skills it measures. “The ASVAB test shows a range of skills.  The skills are very specific, one example being mechanical skills, while the ACT is all academic.”

Senior Heather Harris said, “The test doesn’t pertain to me, so I don’t have to waste my time taking it.”

Because testing is taking place during the first period of the day, seniors have been allowed to stay home during the testing period.