Getting to Know the Class of 2017: Tristan McDermott

Senior spotlight featuring Tristan McDermott.


In 10 years,Tristan McDermott hopes to be working as a computer programmer, perhaps creating video games or writing code for them. He plans to begin his effort toward that goal at IWCC this fall.  

When he was little, McDermott wanted to be an astronaut. But his interest in video games changed his career path. “I like playing video games and I like computers so I want to create video games and learn more about computers,” McDermott said.

It is his computer skills–and being on the honor roll–that McDermott is most proud of. But if he were to change something about his high school experience, he would participate in more sports. McDermott, like his older brothers, was a cross-country runner.

As for memories, McDermott will always his family’s adventure h white-water rafting. “It was fun,” McDermott said. The school memory he’ll cherish most is playing scatterball in gym.

McDermott lives on a farm near Walnut and has gone to school in Atlantic all but kindergarten, when he went to Omaha Hearing School.

Ms. Walker is the teacher who has had the most impact on McDermott. “She’s just a nice teacher,” he said.