Students, Assemble!

Assemblies are back on the AHS calendar.


Lillian Stufflebeam

Enrelin Rano and Erinchina Mark dance during 2020 Homecoming festivities. Students will again hula as part of this year’s Homecoming assembly.

Taliya James and Josie Colton

With the full return to a “normal” setting, students are left wondering if school activities like pep rallies, Homecoming, and assemblies will make a comeback. 

Homecoming is in full force. Guidance counselor Sarah Rose and Student Council are planning the upcoming week. The dress days have been announced, and the Homecoming court has been decided. Cheerleaders are working on their performance for the pep rally and are preparing for the annual football basket toss. Several students with Chuukese heritage will be dancing. 

Principal Heather McKay has an assembly scheduled for Oct. 25. Author and speaker Joe Beckman will be talking about resources to improve students’ mental health. AHS will hold an event later that night. It will have several community resources and Beckman will speak again. “I will have resources to share with people that come,” McKay said. 

The assembly is planned to be held in the auditorium, but with the eighth-graders in the high school, it might be moved to the gym. There will be designated areas for each class to maintain order during the assembly. McKay said, “That’s really as far as we’ve got. We’re just trying to be responsive…What is okay today may not be okay two months from now.”