Traditional Tuesday Dodgeball

Homecoming week is off to a powerful start with Tuesday’s dodge ball tournament.

Taliya James and Elizabeth Anderson


Elizabeth Anderson

The sophomores celebrate after their victory against the freshman.

Elizabeth Anderson, Editor

Dodgeball is a Homecoming tradition at AHS. After the absence of it last year due to COVID, dodgeball has made a comeback for the high school students. This is the first time the freshmen and sophomores have played.

Starting off the games, the freshmen and sophomores went head to head. Sophomores wore matching tie-dye shirts and the freshmen styled pit vipers. The sophomores barrelled in, taking most of the dodgeballs. Many freshmen were out during the first moments of the game by catching balls or throwing them directly at someone. The game was head-to-head with the coaches having their anticipation high. Freshmen were dropping like flies, leaving Alexis Hoyt and Hailey Huffman facing five sophomores. Sophomore Nicole Middents a ball at Huffman, resulting in only Hoyt being left for the freshman team. Sophomore Quincy Sorensen threw the last ball of the game, ending the freshman team’s shot at winning. The crowd roared.

Next was the highly anticipated upperclassman game: juniors, showing up in all black, and seniors wearing Tacky Tourist Tuesday gear. With a strong start, juniors snatched most of the balls from the middle. Senior Addison DeArment threw the first ball attacking the juniors. DeArment was struck out, and most of the seniors followed. Juniors had more students playing than seniors. After a neck-and-neck game, Aspen Niklasen was the only senior left. Junior Jada Jensen threw the last ball of the game at Niklasen, taking the seniors title. Juniors stormed the floor and also won the best sportsmanship competition.

Stay tuned for Thursday when the freshmen and seniors face off for third and last place while sophomores and juniors compete for the title.