The Struggle of Spring – OPINION

The cruelest months are upon us.


Taliya James

Spring sunsets create beautiful scenery.

Dakota Oswalt

Spring is the worst season. Sure, it’s nice to hear birds chirping outside your window while the sweet smell of the previous night’s rainstorm hangs in the air. But other than those bright aspects, spring sucks. In my brain, I have spring divided into three sections.

The first part of spring is basically still winter. The calendar may say March 20, but there’s still half a foot of snow on the ground with below-freezing temperatures. The only difference between actual winter and spring winter is the level of moisture in the air. Winter’s air is dry and crackling, while spring’s air is filled with cold, misty dew. Iciness pelts through the air as spring sports begin.

Then there is the Great Melting. The snow begins to melt as the temperature finally rises above 40 degrees. This may seem like a great thing, but it is actually the opposite. Ice turns to water and dirt turns to mud. The snow on the streets turns into a squishy mess of slush. Everywhere you walk, there’s a puddle. “Squeak, squeak, squeak,” says every pair of shoes. It’s not like I’m trying to step in the water, it’s everywhere, it’s even falling from the clouds like crazy! But hey, at least it’s warmer outside.

The last part of spring only lasts for a split second, yet it is easily the best part of spring. The sun is finally shining, drying the messy aftermath of the snowy winter. The leaves on the trees turn green again, some even turning pink and purple as their flowers bloom. It’s finally t-shirt weather; warm and fresh with a slight floral breeze. It’s easy to get used to a season like this, and “BAM,” it’s summer. Heat and humidity roll in with little warning, and just like that, spring is over.

The first two sections of spring are easily the worst parts of the whole year. While the third section is enjoyable, it is entirely too short to appreciate it fully. I know there’s nothing I can do to change this, but it was nice to rant a little about a season that I view as substandard. Most people praise spring for being so lively and fun, while I can’t stand it. Spring is the worst season, and more people need to realize it.