One Last Shot

Seniors share their experiences being in basketball throughout high school.


Ava Rush

Senior Malena Woodward does her handshake with her Claire Pellett before a game.

Taliya James

Sports are one of the many important aspects of high school. Some students’ lives revolve around the sports they choose to play. When students reach their senior year of high school, they can sit back and reflect on how sports changed their high school careers.

Senior Malena Woodward is on the girls’ basketball team. She started playing basketball when she was in first grade when basketball camps were offered. “I joined basketball because both of my parents played, so I tried it and eventually fell in love [with] playing,” Woodward said. She was always taller than the other players, so basketball came naturally to her. Senior Dayton Templeton joined basketball in fourth grade. He always enjoyed playing the sport and being taller than others was an advantage. 

As seniors, each of them has a key role on the teams. Woodward is a starter on varsity and a team captain. As team captain, she keeps the team under control when “spiraling during the games.” She also wants to ensure the team bonds together. Templeton’s main goal on his team is to push his teammates and pitch in wherever he can so they come out victorious. 

Each player must make improvements every year for themselves and their teammates. Woodward said, “Since freshman year I have had to develop my shot more. My freshman year I mostly played the post but now I am in all positions and I need to be able to shoot where ever.” Templeton’s main progression was becoming more coachable and taking on bigger roles for the team. 

Sports are not only good for the physical health of someone, but they also learn a lot about themselves and life in general. Woodward said, “Being part of a team has taught me the importance of bonding as one because if one person is having a rough day it’s like cancer and affects everyone else so just being there for each other.”  Templeton said being a part of a team holds him more accountable for his actions on and off the court.