The Final Face-Off

The dodge ball championship took place on Thursday during AO.

Taliya James and Elizabeth Anderson


Elizabeth Anderson

The junior dodge ball team prepares for the final game of the day.

Elizabeth Anderson

Balls flying, crowds roaring, stakes high, dodgeball championships were back during AO on Thursday. 

Starting off, the senior team and freshmen team faced off for third and last place. Senior Addison DeArment started off with a bang, getting the first ball on the court. The senior team also got most of the balls and threw them at the freshman team. The game was super close due to caught balls, throwing heat, and dodging throws. Soon, there were six freshman girls and multiple seniors. Soon it was down to Freshmen Rylie Vandevanter and McKenzie Brown. DeArment threw a ball at Vandevanter, resulting in only Brown being left. A senior threw the last ball at Brown, proceeding in freshman getting last and seniors getting third.

Following, two out of three games occurred between the sophomore team versus the junior team. Both having matching shirts, it was a close three games. In the first game, juniors got most of the balls from the middle. It was a very close game with Alexes Reynolds and Ava Rush left for juniors. Sophomore Quincy Sorensen threw a ball at Reynolds, making Rush the only one left for game one. Franchesca Gonzelez, sophomore, threw the last ball at Rush during game one. 

Game two, neck and neck, seniors cheered on sophomores by storming their section. Juniors won the second game, making the score tied for the anticipated third game.

The last face-off was brutal, anticipating, and nail-biting with a ton of cheering. Junior Lindy Eblen threw a ball at sophomore Makayla Atkinson, leaving three sophomores left compared to a number of juniors. After a minute, sophomore Belle Berg was left. Jada Jensen caught the last ball of the game, following the juniors, champions. The juniors stormed the court. Freshmen and seniors both won sportsmanship.