Meet the Mat Manager

Three year wrestling manager, Eleanor Greving, talks about her experience off the mat.


Christy Casey

Coach Michael Greving and senior Eleanor Greving stand together during senior night. E. Greving’s love for wrestling stemmed from her father.

Taliya James

What is your role as a manager during practice?

We do a lot. There are so many things that we do that I do not know where to start. It is a fairly easy job as long as you get your tasks done efficiently. We try to make the coach’s lives easier if at all possible. Before practices, we help clean mats and set the room temperature. During practice, we run the clocks so practice can run smoothly. We blow whistles and pitch in wherever we can, but the wrestlers do the hard work. After practice, we sanitize the mats again and organize everything for the next practice. 

What is your role at meets?

At meets, we run TrackWrestling which is a website that we use to track all the team’s information that is used for the public as well. We also take the stats from each mat and record the match as it is happening. Once the meet is finished, we have to go through and make sure all the information is correct on each wrestling including wrestler’s name, weight categories, and school. We then upload the film so the wrestlers can watch and reflect on their match. 

Why did you decide to become a manager?

Well, I have been around wrestling for my whole life especially since my dad has been coaching wrestling for a very long time. I wanted to become a manager because I love the sport. It started as a way to spend more time with my dad. 

What is one challenge of being a manager?

I would say the most challenging part of this season was all the new faces. I feel like that is always a hard thing to adjust to. We have to learn how to work with new people and how they work best. How hard do you have to push them to make both of you better? How much encouragement do they need to get their head back in the game? Which personalities work best and how can everyone get along? These are all things that we have to figure out at the start of the season. I loved getting all these new managers this year! Getting to work with them and teach them the ropes, in the beginning, was a little overwhelming but I think we all got a hold of everything very quickly. 

What is your favorite part of managing?

I love getting to develop relationships and friendships with the boys, even if they don’t consider it a friendship. The small conversations between matches and the fun inside jokes that we share between practices. 

What would you say to someone wanting to join the team?

For someone wanting to go out for wrestling, I would say to do it. Wrestling is a huge commitment, it is not just a sport. The things that you learn in the wrestling room are incredible life lessons. You work as a team and as a family. Maybe the sport is your new best friend. Not only is it a place for you to learn more about a new sport but you get to build relationships with your new teammates. Everyone in that wrestling room is family whether they like it or not, and everyone is treated with the same level of respect.