Swimming Away the Future

The Atlantic Girls Swim Team Faces Low Numbers.


Elizabeth Anderson

Lexi Reynolds is shown taking deep breaths after a race at a swim meet.

Claire Pellett, Editor

In 2015 the first-ever Atlantic Swim team was formed, comprised of 13 girls. In 2019 that number dropped to seven. Now in 2022, a mere three students are participating in girls’ swim, with only two from Atlantic. To add to the problem, those two swimmers are seniors. So where will the Atlantic Swim program be after this season?

Seniors Lexi Reynolds and Edria Brummer make up the program along with Kaedance Daly from Clarinda. “Motivation is hard because there’s not a lot of people to push you,” said Reynolds. She has been out for the swim team all four years of high school and started swimming when she was ten years old. Reynolds has been very successful in her swim career, making it to state individually three years in a row. Her usual races are the 200m freestyle and the 500m freestyle. Reynolds said it’s disappointing that the team doesn’t place well because they don’t have a larger team. However, all three girls get along very well.

Brummer switched from cross country her junior year but has swum from a young age. She made the switch for many reasons, but the biggest was COVID-19. After her sophomore year with restrictions, cross country wasn’t the same for Brummer. Also contributing was the fact that many runners who had gone out for cross country with Brummer her freshman year were no longer a part of the team. Brummer saw the enjoyment her younger sister had in swimming and realized she missed it. 

One of the biggest challenges the team is facing is motivation. The girls differ in speed so they have to hold themselves accountable. Each swimmer is trying to better themselves on their own. Brummer said her most important role on the team is to be there and support Lexi as she strives towards her goals for state.

A new addition to the team is Volunteer Coach Cambry Miller. Miller was a part of the swim team from 2016-2019. Brummer said her workouts push the team to a new level. She is receiving more feedback and attention from the coaching staff. “It’s nice to see a returning face come back to Atlantic especially to help continue to improve the program,” said Brummer. 

Both swimmers agree that the swim time is very rewarding and have enjoyed this season despite the challenges. As the 2022 season winds down for the Atlantic Girls Swim Team, the future is still unknown for the 2023 season.