Archery Pre-Season News Brief

Archers aim for greatness this season.



Archers prepare to shoot their arrows. The archery team is comprised of middle and high schoolers.

Mariah Hadley

With archery season around the corner and tournaments coming up, archery members are getting their bows out and ready to compete. 

Sophomore Conner Johnson said he is most excited for “My best year yet.” Johnson is hoping to achieve “a 300” Johnson is ready for this season. He has been practicing a lot in the summer to get ready. He said, “I will proceed with archery after high school if I get really good, and get offered a scholarship.” 

Many archers use archery practice to get away from the world for a little bit and relax while focusing on themselves, and most importantly, to have fun. Junior Franchesca Gonzalez said, “The bond we make as a team” is her favorite part of the sport. She is hoping to “Average 280 and shoot a 290.” She wants to “hopefully place top 10 at state.” Archery means a family to Gonzalez.

There are a lot of new high school students joining archery this year. Freshman Liliana Johnson said, “This year I would like to achieve shooting a 290. I would also like to place at many tournaments with it being my first year on the high school team with the harder competition.” Joining the high school team also means there will be more competition than in middle school. 

With the team getting first at state last year, junior Quincy Sorensen said, “I think that we can place again at state.” All the archers believe they are able to do so by working hard and everyone participating in the competitions and the team continuing to work together to be great. 

Sophomore JJ McDaniel said, “I think that we are going to do good this season, we lost a few good archers but the freshmen this year make up for the losses.” He got interested in archery when looking for a new sport to join. He saw a flyer at the YMCA and McDaniel decided he was going to try it out. He has been in archery for four years starting in sixth grade. 

All archers are excited for this season starting in November. The first home tournament is scheduled for Dec. 10, with the second and final home tournament being on Jan. 21 of next year. Archers from multiple schools shoot throughout the entire day. Scores are continuously posted on as archers compete. This website also lists all tournaments around us.