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Trojans Battle Huskies Under the Lights

The Trojans prepare for an exciting Homecoming game against the Winterset Huskies.
The Trojan offense lines up during their game against Glenwood.

There’s lots of school spirit as Homecoming week continues but amidst the activities and fun, we sometimes forget that our very own football players are preparing for one of the biggest games of the season- the Homecoming Football Game. This year our Atlantic Trojans will be playing the Winterset Huskies under the lights on Friday Night. A big crowd is expected for what will hopefully be a great game to watch.

Both teams have a record of 1-2 going into the game. Head Coach Joseph Brummer said, “Winterset likes to run the ball, they’re a very downhill running team.” He said the Huskies are a physical team and that the Trojans need to make sure the emphasis is on defense and stopping the run.

It’ll be a fight but I expect us to come out on top.

— Xavier Darrow

Junior Xavier Darrow believes their team is prepared for Friday night. “It’ll be a fight but I expect us to come out on top.” Darrow plays tight end and defensive end for the Trojans. He’s also the only junior of the four captains. “There’s lots of excitement during homecoming week,” Darrow said. “As Coach Brummer likes to put it, we’re building up the cake and then you get to the game and it’s just adding the icing.”

With ten seniors and four captains leading the team, Brummer applauds the job they’ve done on and off the field. “They bring the energy to practice and some of them, between their play on the field or what they do on the sidelines for us, is really valuable,” said Brummer. “It’s not a huge group but it’s quality over quantity type with our kids.”

Senior Cohen Bruce claims the game is one of the most exciting weeks out of the football season. “We’re prepared to win,” said Bruce. “We’ve been working on our mindsets going into the game.” Bruce plays left tackle on the offensive line and right defensive end. He finds his leadership on the team by “getting people hyped up.” He said, “I want to make sure that my teammates are ready to go and I like to keep them in check.”

We just need to play well and execute like we’re supposed to.

— Head Coach Joseph Brummer

Brummer said the main idea is to make sure that with all the distractions of Homecoming, the kids really stay focused on the game. “We have a saying that the hay’s in the barn so it’s just like anything with farming that when all the preparation is done, all the work is done, and the hay’s in the barn, there’s not a whole lot more you can do on Friday,” he said. “We just need to play well and execute like we’re supposed to.”

As the excitement and nerves grow before the game, the team needs a big crowd to help cheer them on. So wear your black and gold to the game starting at 7pm on Friday night.

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Claire Pellett, AHS Needle Lead Editor
Claire Pellett is a junior and an editor for AHS Needle at Atlantic High School. Pellett took part in journalism last year. “I really like how much independence we have and how creative we can get to be in the class," she said. Pellett's favorite part of journalism is being creative and getting to have her own ideas. She likes working at her own speed and being creative in what she does. Pellett is also involved in Cheerleading, Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Softball, FFA, and AHS Fuel. Outside of school, Pellett is involved in 4H, youth council, Beef Queen, IGHSAU student advisory committee, and dance. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and working on her show calves. She also likes baking and crafts. Pellett babysits and dog-sits all year and is looking forward to Homecoming and winter “because everyone is excited about Christmas." Pellett's future plans are undecided but she hopes to do something in the agriculture field or the medical field. Story by Mariah Huffman and Mariah Hadley

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