Take a Closer Look at the Head Football Coach

Joe Brummer is the Head Coach of the AHS Football Team.


Isabelle Symonds

Coach Brummer talks to his team in the post practice breakdown. The team was 5-4 this season. There were 21 seniors on the team.

Marissa Wheeler, Staff Writer

The Atlantic head football coach has experienced highs and lows throughout the 2022 season. Joseph Brummer has been head coach of the Atlantic Trojans for two years but has been coaching for seven years. Brummer’s love for football started in high school, then he continued his football career at Morningside College. Before becoming the head coach of the Trojans, he was an assistant coach. He didn’t realize how much work was put into coaching in and out of practice. 

In middle school, I always wanted to skip practice, but Brummer makes me want to come to practice.

— Gavin McLaren

With Coach Matthew Best by his side, they make an unbreakable team. “Brummer treats all the players like their family. Whether that’s pushing them to be their best, or helping them when they need it the most,” said Best.

Brummer is experienced with a great past in football. He knows when players need motivation and when they are excited about a game. Brummer understands that his players are motivated in different ways. He takes the time to get to know all of the players on his team so that he can push them in the right direction. 

Players on Brummer’s team say that he is a great coach. “In middle school, I always wanted to skip practice, but Brummer makes me want to come to practice,” said Gavin McLaren, a freshman on the football team.

“He always tells us stories using references in football and it helps me focus on the game,” said Kinnick Juhl, a sophomore on the football team.

“After my dad passed away, Coach sent my mom and me a note about how excited he was to see me play next year and that he was proud of me. We really appreciated that he still addressed it to my dad as well,” said Cole Park, a senior. 

Many players said that their old coach would focus on one position the most. Even though Brummer was a lineman in high school and in college, he focuses on all of the positions. Unfortunately, the head coach position comes with the struggle of deciding who plays for the betterment of the team. To help Brummer in the situation, he watches each and every player to see if they are improving and if they play well in the game that Friday or Monday. Although, since Brummer started coaching, all players have been included equally. On Friday, October 14th, all JV players got to play on varsity which gave them the opportunity to play under the Friday Night Lights.