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The student news site of Atlantic High School


The student news site of Atlantic High School


Seniors Say Goodbye to Homecoming

Seniors Say Goodbye to Homecoming

Alix Nath, Editor September 17, 2023

With Homecoming underway, seniors are able to reflect on the past four years and look back at the impacts Atlantic High School has had on their lives. From football to band, the whole school joins together...

Superintendent Dr. Beth Johnson

Who Is Dr. Beth Johnsen?

J. Molina, Editor September 8, 2023

Once a Trojan, always a Trojan. Don’t believe it? Look no further than Dr. Beth Johnsen, the new superintendent of the Atlantic Community School District. Long before she came to Atlantic, Johnsen graduated...

Dr. Jim Brauer teaches his classes with enthusiasm. His classroom contains many fun colors and decorations.

New Teacher: Dr. Jim Brauer

Abigail Muller, Editor September 6, 2023

New English teacher Dr. Jim Brauer is “blown away” by the students and community Atlantic High School has. Brauer is teaching English Three, Intro to Drama, and Career Communications. He is “extremely...

Ed Podolaks face can be seen in a few Javelin Yearbooks. Here, he holds a football for his Quarterback Captain picture in the yearbook. (Katie Birge)

Legacies of Atlantic: Ed Podolak

Katie Birge and Alyssa Neal May 1, 2023

You may have driven through Ed Podolak Drive, the small section of East 11th Street in front of the Atlantic Middle School, but do you know who Ed Podolak is? Edward Joseph Podolak is a former Kansas...

John Tinker, the American civil rights activist, had lived in Atlantic for years before his monumental Supreme Court case.

Legacies of Atlantic: John Tinker

Dakota Oswalt, Lead Editor April 25, 2023

John Tinker is best known as a participant in the 1969 Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District. The case determined that students do not lose their right to free speech once...

J. Molina explains how it feels to grow up biracial.

How It Feels: To Be Biracial and Latino

J. Molina, Staff Writer April 3, 2023

Best of both worlds. It’s a simple phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but nobody talks about what it means to be part of both worlds. It’s easier to think of those worlds as two patches of grass....

Ryan Hawkins was the top scorer with 21 points during this AHS basketball game his junior year.

Legacies of Atlantic: Ryan Hawkins

Claire Pellett and Abigail Muller March 27, 2023

Ryan Hawkins. A small-town kid that made it big. From bouncing the ball around in the YMCA league to playing in the NBA, Ryan Hawkins lived the dream that many kids hope to achieve. And it all started...

Michelle Saluk loves to substitute teach at Atlantic High School.

Heroes Of Atlantic: Michelle Saluk

Genevieve McCalla, Editor February 7, 2023

Michelle Saluk has been a beacon of positivity at AHS for 13 years. Always willing to say "hi" or share a joke, the substitute teacher has had two kids in the school system and says her “kids" and "family”...

Jase Oswalt, a toothless second grader from Washington Elementary, asks Santa Claus (Andersen) for his two front teeth for Christmas this year. The Gingery Log Cabin creates the perfect cozy space for Santa to come to visit during the winter months.

Heroes of Atlantic: Steve Andersen

Dakota Oswalt, Lead Editor December 14, 2022

The Gingery Log Cabin, built by John Gingery, was once a single-room schoolhouse northeast of Atlantic. Now it sits in City Park and transforms into Santa’s Cabin during the winter holiday season. Santa...

YOUTUBE FAMOUS- Freshman Cameron Schwartz has used his interest in trains to build identity and friendships. He shares his passion on his YouTube channel: Nishna Valley Rail Videos.

A Tale of Two Train Stations

Katie Birge, Editor November 29, 2022

Before living in Denver, Colorado, freshman Cameron Schwartz lived in Atlantic with his grandmother while his mother was in college. He moved to Colorado in the second grade after the death of his father....

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