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Words of the Year

AHS students and teachers share their “word of the year” and why they love to use it.

Do you have rizz? Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year is rizz, which is derived from the word charisma, meaning a person’s romantic appeal or charm. Many AHS students and staff love that this is the Word of the Year, including sophomore Addie Fruend. Fruend said, “I love it; rizz is me; I am rizz.” English teacher Katie Heddegaard-Moreno said that her students will sometimes incorporate the word rizz into their books and will say that one of the characters has rizz. Weights teacher Matthew Best said that it was a pretty good word and that, “It sounds pretty fire bruh.”

I love it; rizz is me; I am rizz.”

— Addie Fruend

What’s your word of the year? Here is what students and teachers at AHS said: Sophomore Aubrey Winford’s word of the year was “ope.” She uses it in shocked situations, such as if someone would say, “Oh, she’s pregnant,” and Winford would reply with “ope.” When texting her friends, they respond to her with the word “ope,” knowing she would reply with that. 

Senior Claire Pellet and Fruend both said that their Word of the Year was “fire.” Pellet said she can use it in any context by saying, “Wow, that’s fire.” She also said that it is a very “versatile” word. Fruend said that she says the word “fire” all day, every day, and uses it pretty much whenever she can. History teacher Trace Petersen said that with all of the “adolescent slang that’s out there, everything seems to be fire or on fire,” and he doesn’t know why that is. He said that he doesn’t know how students use the word “fire” in the proper context.

Wow, that’s fire.”

— Claire Pellett

Hedegaard-Moreno said her word of the year would have to be “pop-off.” She said she will usually say that when someone “does something cool.” Weights teacher Matthew Best said his Word of the Year is “bruh,” and that he hears his students say this all the time and says it to be “cool.”

Petersen said that his word of the year is “blessed.” With the events going on in his life these past 3 months, he said he feels “truly blessed” that he gets a chance to wake up every day and see the people that bring him joy in his life. He also said, “People are blessed every day by a lot of the good things that happen in the world” and should not take for granted the things they have, because someone might not have those things that others take for granted.

Words are a way to express ourselves, and students at AHS enjoy using words that accomplish the way they feel. From new slang, to words straight out of the dictionary, there are many out there to choose from and many ways to use them. How will you use your word of the year?

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About the Contributors
Olivia Jensen, Staff Writer
Olivia Jensen is a sophomore at AHS. This is her first year in journalism. Jensen's favorite parts about journalism are taking pictures, writing captions, and writing stories. She enjoys stories because “I like going out and talking to people and getting their inputs about things.” Jensen has been in volleyball, tennis, choir, amd dance at Dance Atlantic.  Furthermore, in band she plas the flute. Jensen sees herself as shy and quiet until you get to know her, then she is talkative and outgoing. Outside of school, Jensen enjoys seeing her friends, going to sporting events, and listening to Taylor Swift.  Bio by Ryley Kuhns
Alyssa Neal, AHS Needle Senior Editor
Alyssa Neal is a senior at Atlantic High School, and has been in journalism for three years now. She is a lead editor for the AHS Needle website. Neal´s favorite part about journalism is all the different aspects there are to journalism. Neal likes that there are many different ways to hear the news so that ¨everybody in the school can hear the news how they want to hear it.¨ Neal´s favorite memory of journalism was when they went to the KCCI news center in Des Moinesand got to see where they filmed the news at. Neal is looking forward to seeing how fast and how well their AHS needle site is going to be this year because right now it's going really well. She wants to see how many badges the site will get. Her proudest story she has done is her coaches vs. cancer story that she wrote last year for Pink-Out. Other activities Neal is involved in are choir, show choir, cross-country manager, girls basketball manager, Quill and Scroll, AHS needle, and NHS. Neal´s future plans currently are to attend Northwestern Christian in Orange City,Iowa. She is unsure of what her major will be. Story by Aydrie Coffman

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