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Eye of the Needle Sept. 14, 2018

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Featuring School News: 2018 Homecoming court, college fair; picture day; Fine Arts: marching band performed Imagine Dragons, fall vocal concert preparation, fall play “Almost Maine” auditions; Sports: Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Swimming; Specials: Camblin Plumbing and Heating ad, Trojan Minute (Jordan Zarbano), Trojan Buzz (featuring Ally Abdallah)

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About the Writers
Halsey Bailey, EON Anchor, Business Manager

Halsey Bailey is a junior at Atlantic High School. She is a business manager for AHS Journalism as well as the Fine Arts Anchor for Eye of the Needle. “I enjoy broadcasting and the behind-the-scenes like behind the camera stuff.” She is most proud of writing senior spotlights and directing a video about tattoos. Bailey is also involved in cross country, basketball, soccer, Spanish club and FFA. Her perfect relaxing afternoon would be, “staying at home, drinking coffee from one to three and watching Netflix or ‘Harry Potter.’”

Most people believe Bailey is an only child but she has a younger brother named Jonathan. She roots for “Iowa Hawkeyes all the way” and Chiefs for the professional league. She says her parents know her best and she looks up to “my older cousins who are out of college and are doing good.” “Organized and happy” are two words she uses to describe herself. If she could only eat one food for a year, her choice would be soup. “I would never give away all of my Harry Potter possessions,” Bailey said.

The last thing she baked or cooked was Monster cookies “two or three days ago” with her dad in their kitchen.  “If I could acquire a talent, it would be a singing talent because I suck at singing,” she said.

Bailey would never dye her hair because that’s the one quality about herself she would never change. Finally, Bailey’s phone wallpaper is, “a picture of my mom’s flowers I took” and it matches her phone case. Bailey hopes for a great next two years of journalism.


Profile written by: Katie Saluk and Pluma Pross

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Noah Rutherford, Editor

Noah Rutherford has been a journalist since his sophomore year of high school. According to journalism advisor Allison Berryhill, Rutherford’s main focus is broadcasting. He edits videos and sometimes even stars in them. Rutherford is most proud of his meme video, a compilation of all 2017 memes, because “Berryhill submitted it for a competition and I didn’t even know until I won third place in an Iowa Journalism competition.” Besides journalism, Rutherford’s favorite subject is art. “I like art, you literally just make things. There is creativity but with guidelines,” he said. Showcasing his familiar comedic prowess, Rutherford said the one thing he couldn’t live without would be “oxygen.”

One thing Rutherford would be willing to give up for the rest of his life is an arm, laughing it off with the comment about how people would be “nicer” to him. His favorite sport to watch is skateboarding contests. “Other sports are boring to me. They do the same thing over and over, skateboarding is more exciting,” Rutherford said. His cousin introduced him into skateboarding because they played Tony Hawk’s pro skate together. He got a concussion when about eight years old from going down a halfpipe.

Rutherford had a hard time deciding on his favorite food and said, “There are so many good foods, my favorite fruit is raspberries because they’re so good. When my moms buy them I eat them all. Same with cherry tomatoes.” Two things Rutherford would like everyone to know are, “I have a tooth on the roof of my mouth,” and “Don’t think too hard about what I say,” and his advice is “check yourself before you Shrek yourself.”

Story by Dazia Sorensen and Aliyah Jordan

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Aleigh Bean, Journalism Production Student

Atlantic High School sophomore, Aleigh Bean, is a member of AHS journalism. In her freetime she does track and dance. “I enjoy running track because the team makes the running part a lot better.” Bean said. She has been in dance since she was three years old and has been in track since middle school. She joined journalism at the beginning of her sophomore year. She enjoys taking pictures the most. “My favorite sport to take pictures of is wrestling. It’s just so fun to watch and getting to take pictures of it makes it even better.” Bean said. She has two older twin siblings, Braden and Sydney who are seniors at AHS. She also has two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. She loves to travel and is a thrill seeker. When she is older she plans on going into the medical field but is still undecided right now. Written By Madison Fell

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Lucas Behrens, Editor

Lucas is an editor for the broadcasting class and creator of the Trojan Minute. The Trojan Minute is a short video segment to help students get to know others around AHS. Behrens once made a video about Nate Renz and said it makes him proud because of the positive feedback about the video and the effects he created and put together for it. He is not in the actual broadcasting class so this can be a challenge for him, as he is expected to know how to do the things the others in the class do and it is difficult to remember where every option and effect is on Final Cut Pro. Behrens has been involved in band, Boy Scouts and Student Council. He plays bass drums and contrabass clarinet in band and in boy scouts he is one rank under Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank that can be achieved. He is also a household cook that helps feed the residents, cleans the dishes and makes sure everything else is clean at all times. His work hours vary.

Story by Noah Meinders

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Brandon Woodard, Editor

Brandon Woodard is an editor for the broadcasting class. At the beginning of his junior year, Woodard decided to sign up for journalism as he thought it would be neat to learn about the behind the scenes activities. Woodard is a videographer with Alex Harper and also helps with editing. Woodard said, “My favorite part of journalism is getting to brainstorm ideas with Noah (Rutherford) because they are always funny.” In addition to journalism, Woodard is interested in the culinary arts. He has taken all of the available foods classes at AHS except for one that is no longer offered. “I can cook about anything,” he said. He likes to make fajitas from scratch, coming up with his own seasonings and mixtures. Woodard works part-time at the Atlantic Fridley Theaters and said, “It’s really easy and I get along pretty much with everyone who works there.” For his 18th birthday, Woodard got a forearm tattoo: Memento Mori. In Latin, this translates to “Remember Death,” which means everyone is mortal.

Story by Tristan and Caleb

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Chloe Davis, Editor

Junior Chloe Davis is a member of the AHS broadcasting team, and her job includes producing ads for local businesses that sponsor the journalism department. The ads air on Eye of the Needle each week and her favorite part of journalism is gathering film and compiling the videos into one final product. Davis’s favorite memory from journalism is when Kelsie Siedlik and Aleigh Bean, other members of the journalism team, played with Barbie Dolls in the JLab. In the past two years of being in high school, Davis has been involved in volleyball, soccer, tennis, student council, AHS Fuel, boys basketball management and dance. Davis works at Salute Gymnastics, where she enjoys her time working with the “sweetest kids.” In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family and friends. Davis said, “Being in journalism, you can expect to have nothing short of so much fun while learning so many new skills that I apply in my everyday life.”

Story by Jenna Pelzer and Grace Barkley

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McKenzie Waters, Editor

Each week, McKenzie Waters and the ad team set out to create a funny 30-second video to be published on Eye of the Needle (EON). Businesses in town can buy an ad for $25. Waters said, “I love to make ads because it challenges me every week because I have a deadline and I get to work with amazing people.” She joined journalism because she heard about it from upperclassmen and the stories about “all of their fun times interested me.” Waters loves how journalism is student-driven with the freedom for them to create their own ideas. There are three different classes you can take for journalism: yearbook, broadcasting or AHSneedle. Waters is in the broadcasting class so she helps with EON and she enjoys watching it because of the comical content, like Noah Rutherford’s videos. “They’re always funny,” Waters said. If she could go anywhere in the world, Waters would go somewhere tropical such as the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands. She also recommends that students try journalism.

Story by Maycie Waters and Bodie Johnson

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Anna Lowary, Journalism Production Student

Junior Annamaria Lowary has been involved in journalism since her sophomore year, which is when the class is first offered to students. Lowary creates many of the ads for Eye of the Needle (EON) with Kenzie Waters and Chloe Davis. Lowary has also been involved in basketball her freshman year and swimming and track, which she plans to continue for the next two years. Her favorite sport is swimming because she has been “swimming with the girls on the team for a long time.” Her favorite memory is the Try Not to Laugh Challenge from one of the episodes of EON. If Lowary could go anywhere in the world, you would find her “lying on the sandy beaches” in the Maldives off the coast of India.

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