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Noah Rutherford

Noah Rutherford, Editor

Noah Rutherford has been a journalist since his sophomore year of high school. According to journalism advisor Allison Berryhill, Rutherford’s main focus is broadcasting. He edits videos and sometimes even stars in them. Rutherford is most proud of his meme video, a compilation of all 2017 memes, because “Berryhill submitted it for a competition and I didn’t even know until I won third place in an Iowa Journalism competition.” Besides journalism, Rutherford’s favorite subject is art. “I like art, you literally just make things. There is creativity but with guidelines,” he said. Showcasing his familiar comedic prowess, Rutherford said the one thing he couldn’t live without would be “oxygen.”

One thing Rutherford would be willing to give up for the rest of his life is an arm, laughing it off with the comment about how people would be “nicer” to him. His favorite sport to watch is skateboarding contests. “Other sports are boring to me. They do the same thing over and over, skateboarding is more exciting,” Rutherford said. His cousin introduced him into skateboarding because they played Tony Hawk’s pro skate together. He got a concussion when about eight years old from going down a halfpipe.

Rutherford had a hard time deciding on his favorite food and said, “There are so many good foods, my favorite fruit is raspberries because they’re so good. When my moms buy them I eat them all. Same with cherry tomatoes.” Two things Rutherford would like everyone to know are, “I have a tooth on the roof of my mouth,” and “Don’t think too hard about what I say,” and his advice is “check yourself before you Shrek yourself.”

Story by Dazia Sorensen and Aliyah Jordan

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Noah Rutherford