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Eye of the Needle, December 6, 2017

Legos in Physics class, wrestling photos, Holiday tree contest!

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About the Writers
Trevor Wendt, EON Producer

Trevor Wendt, Chief Producer for Eye of the Needle will always make you slightly mad if you were hanging out with him because he changes a song halfway through it even if everyone is having a very good time listening to it. Wendt shows his dedication to Atlantic in school and out of school being in golf, soccer, and football.

Wendt’s favorite Eye of the Needle production was the 2016 Christmas Special just before winter break.Wendt’s favorite thing to do as Chief Producer is to just put out shows that everyone will enjoy while watching Eye of the Needle.  

A casual day for Wendt would be at home watching Family Guy while having a Jack’s frozen pizza.

When watching football on Saturdays he will always catch the Rochester Community and Technical College Yellowjacket play, and as for Sundays, he will catch the Minnesota Vikings play. If you happen to catch a peek at Wendt’s phone you could possibly see him stepping over Creston’s quarterback Kylan Smallwood like Allen Iverson did to Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals.

He would like to call himself a “go getter” and would never give up his sense of pride to anything. His inspiration or person he would call his inspiration would be his dad, Mike Wendt. Some normal eating for Wendt if he had to get his own food would chicken pot pies and alfredo pasta.

If anybody would know Wendt the best is would be friends “John McConkey and Zeke Whetstone”. When asked if he has any hidden things that people do not know about him he would say no “Mostly everything is known about me” so he keeps it very open with everybody. If Wendt could choose one superpower it would be to have a photographic memory.  


Profile written by: Korben Peterson

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Kole Schmitt, EON Producer

AHS journalism member, Kole Schmitt is a producer for the Eye of the Needle. He said that the journalism project or story that he is most proud of was “probably the Christmas episode.” He also likes to hang out with his friends during journalism class. Journalism is one of his favorite things in school, because he is involved with “nothing” outside of school. Even though Schmitt isn’t involved with any extracurricular activities, he can “skateboard.”

Schmitt said that he just likes to hang out with friends in the afternoon. “I’d never change how scared I get when I get in the car with McKayla,” Schmitt said. Schmitt also said that the football team that he roots for is the “Atlantic Trojans.” Schmitt said that he looks up to his mother, because she is inspirational.

“My family knows me best,” Schmitt said. Schmitt described that his calming place that he goes to is his bedroom. Friends tend to call him “knowledgeable.” Schmitt also describes himself as “friendly and bold.” He also said that if he could eat only one food it would be “definitely shrimp fried rice.” The last thing that Schmitt said that he has cooked was pot pie. “The wallpaper of my phone is of me and Zeke,” Schmitt said. “If I could have one talent without effort, it would have to be, making a billion dollars overnight,” Schmitt said.


Profile written by: Connor Church

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Jaxson Eden, Celebrations editor

Jaxon Eden, Head anchor for Atlantic’s Eye of the Needle, fuels all of his outstanding efforts by the motivation to be better than others, or the best he himself can be. Those 24 people who beat him at state track last year are his motivation on being the best person he can both on and off the field, court, and track. Eden’s inspiration has always been his family, having modeled him into the man he is today. Some of his most favorite projects will always be the advertisements for the 2015-2016 school year, and also all of the videos Logan Templeton does. A casual relaxing day would be in his room playing 2k with his buddies, or if it would happen to be on a Sunday would be rooting for the New England Patriots. His love for sports is easily defined with all of what he does being a year-round athlete. When asked what they think of Eden people will tell you his personality is very good along with his sense of humor, making him very sarcastic. He treats his Yeezys as if they were his kid, never wanting to get rid of them. Most people would not know that Eden could do a double backflip. If he had to choose one superpower Eden would easily choose to have a photographic memory. He thinks very highly of himself so when asked, he would most likely say freaking awesome which shows his happy demeanor and flamboyant personality. Some good pasta and a casual Jack’s Frozen pizza are his normal go to food when he feels hungry. Eden always shows that he is a phenomenal person in school doing activities such as National Honors Society or being the lead anchor for Atlantic’s “Eye of the Needle” or out of school by playing sports every season.


Profile written by: Korban Peterson

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Kylie Proehl, Photography/Yearbook Editor

Kylie Proehl is the sports anchor on Eye of Needle. She is also a yearbook editor and a lead photographer. She is most proud of a story she wrote her sophomore year which won an IHSPA and received third place

The aspect Proehl enjoys about journalism is, “Photography because I has opened up the door to what I want to become.”Proehl is involved in volleyball, football cheerleading, track and dance team.Proehl enjoys “laying in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy,” during her free time.

One thing people don’t know about Proehl is, “When I was 7 I slipped in the bathroom and knocked out my 4 front teeth.”One thing Proehl wouldn’t change about herself is her laugh because it “is contagious and I think m snort is funny.” The person Proehl looks up to is her grandma because “she has taught me a lot in life.” The one person who knows her best is Kole Schmitt.

The place Kylie finds very calming and goes to is Rancho. Proehl’s friends would describe her as, “A very sarcastic, talkative, loud human being.”Proehl described herself in the same way, “Sarcastic and funny.”The one thing she would never give away is  her semi colon necklace because it “has a lot of meaning behind it.

If she had to choose one type of food to eat for a year, Proehl said it would be the “Texas Roadhouse Rolls.”The last thing she cooked was a pizza.

The wallpaper on her phone, “is a picture of Lagan T. after he asked me to homecoming because he was the first guy to ask me to a school in the four years that I have been here.”The talent that Proehl wishes to acquire immediately is to be good at the 400 meter hurdles.


Profile written by: Rachael Stanley

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Halsey Bailey, EON Anchor, Business Manager

Halsey Bailey is a junior at Atlantic High School. She is a business manager for AHS Journalism as well as the Fine Arts Anchor for Eye of the Needle. “I enjoy broadcasting and the behind-the-scenes like behind the camera stuff.” She is most proud of writing senior spotlights and directing a video about tattoos. Bailey is also involved in cross country, basketball, soccer, Spanish club and FFA. Her perfect relaxing afternoon would be, “staying at home, drinking coffee from one to three and watching Netflix or ‘Harry Potter.’”

Most people believe Bailey is an only child but she has a younger brother named Jonathan. She roots for “Iowa Hawkeyes all the way” and Chiefs for the professional league. She says her parents know her best and she looks up to “my older cousins who are out of college and are doing good.” “Organized and happy” are two words she uses to describe herself. If she could only eat one food for a year, her choice would be soup. “I would never give away all of my Harry Potter possessions,” Bailey said.

The last thing she baked or cooked was Monster cookies “two or three days ago” with her dad in their kitchen.  “If I could acquire a talent, it would be a singing talent because I suck at singing,” she said.

Bailey would never dye her hair because that’s the one quality about herself she would never change. Finally, Bailey’s phone wallpaper is, “a picture of my mom’s flowers I took” and it matches her phone case. Bailey hopes for a great next two years of journalism.


Profile written by: Katie Saluk and Pluma Pross

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Noah Rutherford, Editor

Noah Rutherford has been a journalist since his sophomore year of high school. According to journalism advisor Allison Berryhill, Rutherford’s main focus is broadcasting. He edits videos and sometimes even stars in them. Rutherford is most proud of his meme video, a compilation of all 2017 memes, because “Berryhill submitted it for a competition and I didn’t even know until I won third place in an Iowa Journalism competition.” Besides journalism, Rutherford’s favorite subject is art. “I like art, you literally just make things. There is creativity but with guidelines,” he said. Showcasing his familiar comedic prowess, Rutherford said the one thing he couldn’t live without would be “oxygen.”

One thing Rutherford would be willing to give up for the rest of his life is an arm, laughing it off with the comment about how people would be “nicer” to him. His favorite sport to watch is skateboarding contests. “Other sports are boring to me. They do the same thing over and over, skateboarding is more exciting,” Rutherford said. His cousin introduced him into skateboarding because they played Tony Hawk’s pro skate together. He got a concussion when about eight years old from going down a halfpipe.

Rutherford had a hard time deciding on his favorite food and said, “There are so many good foods, my favorite fruit is raspberries because they’re so good. When my moms buy them I eat them all. Same with cherry tomatoes.” Two things Rutherford would like everyone to know are, “I have a tooth on the roof of my mouth,” and “Don’t think too hard about what I say,” and his advice is “check yourself before you Shrek yourself.”

Story by Dazia Sorensen and Aliyah Jordan

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Marcus Duranceau, Editor

“I do Trojan Buzz with Noah.”  Marcus Duranceau, a junior  stated about the role he played in the AHS needle. His most proud video is last week’s clown video, he loved how well it was put together. He enjoys the lemon drops that Allison Berryhill, staff member at the Atlantic High school, gives out to the students.

Duranceau sees himself as a “weird/sketch” person, but he wouldn’t change that. His idea of a relaxing place is his room, sleeping. “I don’t know ask them.” he stated about how his friends would describe him. He is also the proud owner of a 1967 Batmobile replica. The talent he would like to have is “playing a guitar.”

“Pizza.” He stated is the food he would only eat for a year. “It was probably scrambled eggs.” Is what he stated for what he last cooked.

Duranceau stated that the Green Bay Packers were his favorite football team. He joined the wrestling team and wrestles for the Atlantic High school.

“No, not really.” He stated about if people didn’t know something about him. People who know him include David May, a sophomore at the Atlantic High school, “It’s scary,” he stated about how much they are alike.

“People who are taller than me obviously.” Duranceau said about who he looks up to.

“It’s blue and green, it’s like a water stream across it, diagonally.” He explained his wallpaper on his phone


Profile written by: Brylee Aldrich and Hannah Anstey

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