Getting to Know the Class of 2017: Garrett Grooms

Senior spotlight featuring Garrett Grooms.


Grooms has participated in band all four years of high school.

Noah Rutherford

Throughout all of Garrett Grooms’ high school experience, he has participated in multiple sports and activities like basketball, track and field, band, choir and football management. Out of all those activities, track and field is his favorite. Grooms has done track and field throughout all of high school. Garrett currently lives with his parents, Allan and Kerree, he has three siblings including Lexi, Nellie and Tessa. Lexi is 16 years old and Nellie and Tessa are both 13 years old twins. Grooms said he has “too many pets to count.” As of right now, Grooms lives in Walnut, but he has also lived in Grant and Atlantic. His favorite school memory is when he broke his wrist when jumping over a hurdle at a track meet in Shenandoah.

If Grooms could redo a part of his life, “I would’ve actually done my school work my freshman and sophomore year,” he said. That caused his grade to go down, but he still brought them up his junior and senior year. When Grooms was younger, his dream job was a firefighter, and after high school he plans to join the navy.