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The student news site of Atlantic High School


The student news site of Atlantic High School


Gingerbread Houses. As tradition, during seminar students were assigned groups to assemble gingerbread houses for a prize.

First Semester in Photos

Anna Potts, Staff Writer December 21, 2023

NOT A CREATURE WAS STIRRING, NOT EVEN A MOUSE–Ms. Berryhill’s fourth period freshman English Honors  class is reading it up. Every day, class begins with free reading for the first 10 minutes. So focused, still, and silent, you could hear a spider crawl.

Books and Reading Photo Gallery

Amelia Petersen, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

Memories of the Madrigal Dinner

Memories of the Madrigal Dinner

Helena Buliche, Staff Writer December 22, 2021

Damage at reporter Claire Pellets grandparents farm.

Tornado Strikes Atlantic Area

Staff December 17, 2021

By Jaci Brosam, Anna Cesaro, Kyra Chase, Lexi Christensen, Mason McFadden, Alyssa Neal, Claire Pellett, Abbi Richter, Alexis Richter, Lillian Richter, Kyra Rink, Alex Sonntag, Bennett Whetstone and Riley...

Jade Harter asks geometry teacher Lisa Sonntag for help with the homework. Harter is involved in basketball as well.

2 + 2 = YOU –A Photo Gallery

Alyssa Neal, Staff Writer December 14, 2021

Chemistry teacher James Todd encourages students to use specific language when making observations.

The Elemental Mr. Todd

Anna Cesaro, Staff Writer December 14, 2021

You’ll recognize him in the hall: he’s wearing a crewneck sweater and his school ID is strapped to his upper arm. He’s standing outside the science lab, drinking hot tea from a green thermos. You...

Side-conversations often get brought up in class, and Mr. McDermott is known for his stories during lessons. When his physics-defying “Honda-Davidson” moped is brought up, eighth graders may become confused or jealous. “My Honda-Davidson goes 19 miles-per-hour down 10th Street hill, and goes 21 up it.” 
Eighth grade is when students start to become of legal age to ride mopeds, so the stories of the “Honda-Davidson” are highly relevant.

Eighth Grade at AHS – Photo Gallery

Bennett Whetstone December 13, 2021

A fire at Atlantic Middle School in August displaced 350 students. The sixth- and seventh-graders are housed in the Cass County Educational Opportunity Center, but 125 eighth-graders have been snuggled...

Santa roams the halls of AHS in the days leading up to Christmas. Is he bringing joy or anxiety?

A Claus for Concern – OPINION

Eleanor McCalla, Editor December 9, 2021

He sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake.  Frankly, this sounds terrifying.  Someone watching you sleep and stalking your every move? That’s the stuff of horror movies...

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