Movie Review: Life As We Know It

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Zoe Krueger - Film Critic

OPINION by Zoe Krueger

Realistically, the possibility of this happening is slim to none. But if two people who seem to be total opposites of each other are given a baby, and magically fall in love, I’d say this movie was a good portrayal of how the story would go.

The movie shows the conflict between the two main characters, Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl) and Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel), and the relationship they have with their friends that keeps them in each other’s lives.  When fate strikes one night and leaves their friends’ baby orphaned, the lives of these two people drastically change forever.  As they try to adjust to their new environment and all the responsibilities of a baby, tension is apparent between the two.  As a series of events leads to Eric and Holly’s fight at the climax of the move, Eric is left with a decision that leaves Holly and baby Sophie abandoned. (At this point of the movie, I had cried multiple times. In my opinion, it was a very touching story.)

As the movie wrapped to a close–I won’t give the ending away–I left the theater teary-eyed and pleased. The movie has everything a chick-flick should include: love, laughs, and life.

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