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A Much Needed Break

Students enjoy the time off of school that parent-teacher conferences allow.
Dexter Dodson speaks with students and parents during parent-teacher conferences.  The conferences were held Oct. 25-26.
Claire Pellett
Dexter Dodson speaks with students and parents during parent-teacher conferences. The conferences were held Oct. 25-26.

Parent-teacher conferences are a great way for parents to learn about how their child is doing in school and for teachers to praise or share concerns with the parents. However, they’re also a well-deserved break for most students at AHS. The conferences were held Wednesday, Oct. 25 and Thursday Oct. 26.

Senior Korbin Johnson thinks that conferences are important and enjoys the time off. “They’re very valuable for parents to understand how they’re kid is doing academically. Conferences are especially nice because we have a long break. It gives us time to recover and spend time with friends,” said Johnson.

Senior Mason McFadden agrees that the break is nice because it’s been a long time since students have had time off. He also said, “I think conferences are a very important time for teachers to connect to parents, especially for students who need a little extra help. Aside from those students, it’s important that parents know what’s going on in the student’s educational life.”

A few students think that conferences are not needed. Senior Makayla Atkinson said, “In my opinion, conferences are unnecessary because if you’re doing well, your parents don’t feel the need to go, and if you aren’t, people typically don’t care enough to go anyway.” However, she does still love the time off and thinks that students need more long weekends throughout the year. “Us kids need time to relieve stress and simply just relax. During the week, I feel like I’m going a million miles an hour between academics and sports, and by the time the weekend is over I don’t feel any less stressed.”

Junior Emma Winford also thinks that conferences don’t necessarily apply to her. “The break from school is great. I’m passing all my classes and I’m doing great in school so my parents don’t really care about conferences. However, I definitely think they’re a great way to keep parents informed and keep communication strong.”

Junior Isabelle Symonds agreed, “I think conferences are nice when you’re struggling. For me personally, my parents don’t feel the need to go because I’m doing well, but it’s nice to have little breaks when we’ve been going to school for weeks straight.” 

Junior Nissa Molegaard recognizes that conferences are important and also appreciates the days they line up with. “I actually really enjoy going to conferences. It allows me to check in and see how I’m doing and what I need to get caught up on,” said Molegaard. “I also love the break because It lines up perfectly with speech and debate and state cross country so students don’t have to worry about getting caught up on work or working around the school’s schedules to have events.”

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Alyssa Neal, AHS Needle Senior Editor
Alyssa Neal is a senior at Atlantic High School, and has been in journalism for three years now. She is a lead editor for the AHS Needle website. Neal´s favorite part about journalism is all the different aspects there are to journalism. Neal likes that there are many different ways to hear the news so that ¨everybody in the school can hear the news how they want to hear it.¨ Neal´s favorite memory of journalism was when they went to the KCCI news center in Des Moinesand got to see where they filmed the news at. Neal is looking forward to seeing how fast and how well their AHS needle site is going to be this year because right now it's going really well. She wants to see how many badges the site will get. Her proudest story she has done is her coaches vs. cancer story that she wrote last year for Pink-Out. Other activities Neal is involved in are choir, show choir, cross-country manager, girls basketball manager, Quill and Scroll, AHS needle, and NHS. Neal´s future plans currently are to attend Northwestern Christian in Orange City,Iowa. She is unsure of what her major will be. Story by Aydrie Coffman

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