McLean Responds to Rumors about ACSD Superintendent

McLean cautions against believing rumors.


Kenzie Hoffman

The Atlantic Board of Education discusses COVID-19 mitigation strategies at a previous meeting.

Questions surfaced about Atlantic Community School District Superintendent Steve Barber last week. On Monday, March 27, the Atlantic News Telegraph reported that there was “no change in employment status” for Barber after questions surrounding his future with ACSD surfaced in the community.

“Be wise about rumors that you listen to as a general rule,” said ACSD’s school board president, Laura McLean. Regarding of the rumors circulating this week, McLean said she can’t say if rumors hold truth to them or not to protect staff. “We have to say no comment.” She explained that the board meets in closed sessions to protect staff’s privacy. “When the board has information that the public needs to know, we are going to try to get that information in the public’s hand as soon as possible,” McLean said. She emphasized that the desire to provide information when appropriate extends to students as well as the general public. “We always value the students’ needs.”

High school principal, Heather McKay said, “I know there’s a lot of hurtful rumors going around and I don’t know why or how they started.”

ACSD’s superintendent, Steve Barber had “no comment” on the article published in the Atlantic News Telegraph.

Executive Director of the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners Mike Cavin said in a statement to AHS Needle that “Employment and contract decisions are made by the local school board and communities. The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners would not have any input on these decisions. We would not have any comments regarding Mr. Barber’s employment or contract.”